The 7 Best Bald Head Shavers: Buyer guide and review

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Reasons to Shave Your Head Bald

The battle against receding hairlines, balding, hair loss and patches is often one that not many men win. It’s not uncommon for men to be confronted with this challenge as soon as their mid 30s or early 40s. Some men give it a good fight and continue to hold on to their former glory using a good mixture of creative styling and hair grooming products. While others choose to go all in with the inevitable by embracing the shaved head look. Using a bald head shaver is not just a way of conceding to the inevitable, it’s also an opportunity to embrace a new fashionable look.

The shaved head look is more popular and trendy than ever before. Not only are men shaving their heads out of necessity, but now a growing number of men are rocking the bald head by choice. Let’s take a look at what to look for in a bald head shaver and what are some of the best bald head shavers available. These shavers make the process of shaving your head easy, quick and hassle-free. We also have a previous post on how to shave your head with an electric razor that’s worth checking out.

What to look for in a Bald Head Shaver:

Quick and Easy Shave

When it comes to bald head shavers there are number of features to consider when choosing a head shaver that meet your needs. Some head shavers make it easier and quicker to get the clean close shave you’re looking for due to their unique blade design and ergonomic handle. You can get that close shave with one pass in each area of your head, while others will require multiple passes.

A Comfortable Shave – Irritation Free

If you have sensitive skin that’s easily irritated, you will definitely value a head shaver that provides protection against irritation. These shavers smoothly glide over your head without causing irritation that lead to pumps, nicks and cuts. It’s possible to get that clean close shave you desire without having to deal with skin irritation.

Convenience and Flexibility – Wet and Dry Bald Shave

Modern electric shavers provide a wet and dry shave option. Therefore, giving you the convenience of shaving while in the shower or on the go. The dry and wet shave feature gives you the option to shave anywhere at anytime. This is ideal for those who are always on the go. The top-rated shavers we’ve reviewed also offer the convenience of shaving with or without shaving cream.

Reliability and Dependability – Long Battery Life

You’ll want a shaver that’s reliable in terms of its battery life. Shavers with a cordless feature often have a Lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries make longer battery life possible. Additional features to consider include how long does the electric shaver take to recharge and how long does it hold a charge. Many electric shavers now have a LED battery life indicator so you can easily keep track of your battery life.

Quick Cleaning & Easy Shaver Maintenance

Don’t forget that clean up is also part of the bald head shaving process. This can’t be too complicated or time consuming. Waterproof cleaners makes clean up as simple as rinsing the shaver under running water. This allows you to do a deep clean of your shaver in little to no time.


7 Best Bald Head Shavers:

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO

Professional Looking Shave

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO really stands out for its ability to give you a clean shave that has a professional look and feel. With the wet and dry shave option you can have that clean look anytime and anywhere.

This shaver’s water-resistant technology gives you the freedom to shave in the shower or on the go. It’s next generation multi-directional rotary shaving head gives you the freedom to shave in any direction. The flexing head contours to the unique shape of your head. You are free to shave up, down, left or right.

Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver

Time Saver

This shaver takes the work out of maintaining a shaved head. If the thought of maintaining your shaved head seems like a chore, then the Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver will help make light work of this routine. In fact, not only will it deliver that smooth bald shaved head you love, it works wonders for quick daily touch ups. It gives you a bald head in just a few minutes. As a result, it’s perfect for those pressed for time.

The 5 dual track shaver heads provide maximum skin contact without the friction that may lead to razor bumps or friction burns. Because of this, it’s ideal for daily or frequent use. Clean up is also made easy due to the hair capture chamber that collects hair as you shave. Clean up is as simple as emptying the chamber when you’re finished shaving.

AidallsWellup Men’s 5-in-1 Electric Head Shaver for Bald Men

Versatile multi-functional shaver

This multi-functional shaver is the swiss army knife of head shavers. That’s because the AidallsWellup Men’s 5-in-1 Electric Head Shaver is an all-in-one full facial grooming kit. With one machine you can conveniently switch between the 6-blade head shaver, precision trimmer for styling your beard, massage brush, cleansing brush and the nose hair trimmer. Because of the number of features and use that it offers, this machine offers great value for the price.

Telfun Head Shavers for Bald Men

An Enjoyable and Comfortable Experience

The high speed motor of the Telfun bald head shaver is designed to make the shaving experience enjoyable. This shaver’s lightweight design and compact size allows it to smoothly glide across the curves of your head. It provides a controlled comfortable shave.

The lightweight design and portable size makes it easy to transport, making it ideal for travelling. You can use it at home or when travelling. In addition to the rotary shaver, this product comes with a sideburn and nose hair trimmer, face cleaning rotary brush and hair clipper.

FREEDOM GROOMING Electric Head Hair Shaver, FlexSeries

A Precision Cutting System

If you’re concerned about finding a bald head shaver that will be able to handle your thick or curly hair. Then the Freedom Grooming Electric Head Shaver may be just the right shaver for you. Its alloy blades can handle any type of hair, including hair of different lengths. Without pulling or snagging your hair the alloy blades apply the right amount to pressure to deliver a smooth and comfortable shave. Additionally, the soft alloy blades anti-bump technology helps to prevent skin irritation that cause pumps, cuts or burns.

Skull Shaver Palm 3 Head Electric Razor

Delivers Optimal Performance


The Skull Shaver Palm 3 Head Electric Razor simply gets the job done. It delivers a consistently efficient shave wet or dry. Shave after shave it provides a quality bald head shave that keeps you looking fresh and clean. The ergonomic handle fits in the palm of your hand. As a result, it is easier to get to the hard-to-reach areas of your head. It also does a great job shaving your face. Whether you’re using it on your head or face the flexing and pivoting heads ensures that you get a close shave.


Electric Razor for Men – Upgrade 5 in 1 Shavers for Men

Great Value

When compared to other shavers this shaver delivers exceptional value for the price. Ideal for meeting all your daily grooming and maintenance needs. The product has 5 usable heads that includes an electric shaver, bald head shaver, soft face sponge, nose hair trimmer and facial cleaning brush. Overall it’s easy to use and provides a solid shave. Cleaning is also fairly easy as well.

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