Best Electric Head Shaver 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Electric head shavers are very convenient and better than traditional shavers as they are safer to use, and you get done with shaving quite quickly.

However, to achieve an easy and close shave you need to pick the right tool.

The market these days is saturated with hundreds of brands and models of electric head shavers, hence making the right choice can be a difficult.

To help you out with picking the right electric head shaver we have spent 47 hours testing and reviewing the 10 best electric head shavers available in the market today.

We have also included a buying guide and the pros and cons of shavers. The guide will help you help you narrow down your choices and assist you in deciding which features are the most important to you.

Our Top 3 Recommendation

Panasonic ES8243A

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Panasonic ES8243A

Panasonic Arc5


Panasonic Arc5

Pitbull Gold

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Pitbull Gold

How These Shavers Were Tested and Selected

Best Electric Head Shaver

Though a lot of research was conducted before we enlisted out top picks, there simply is not enough time to go ahead and test out every other electric shaver on the market but we assure you that we did our homework.

A number of things were looked into before we chose these 10 best electric shaver, and we have listed these according to our personal experiences and customer reviews.

We are sure that our readers are going to be happy with our top picks.

10 Best Electric Head Shaver Reviews

Below mentioned are the reviews of our top picks of Electric head shavers.

1. Panasonic ES8243A – Best Electric Head Shavers 2020

Panasonic Electric Shaver ES8243A ARC4 Buy on Amazon

First up on our list is the Panasonic ES8243A which features an innovative technology which allows the shaver to achieve a better performance while shaving at 30 degrees.

Nanotechnology is used by this electric Arc 4 shaver and it uses 4 blades instead of 3. The fourth blade has been added to improve the efficiency while shaving.

Also, the foils and blades that you use while shaving are arced which helps the shaver to achieve more efficiency while working on those stubborn hair. Less pressure is ensured on the skin due to the expanded surface (a rise of 32%) of the nanoblades which means less skin irritation.

A liner motor powers the cutting blades. The linear motor operates at an impressive speed of 13,000 rpm which ensures that no hair is left behind. A number of similar shavers present in the market these days utilize a motor that only works at 8,000 -10,000 rpm. This one however features patent technology which allows the shaver to efficiently cut through thick whiskers.

Furthermore, this shaver can be used in the bathroom and you can shave dry as well. Since the shave is 100% waterproof you won’t have to worry about getting it damaged by water.

The shaver offers easy cleaning: all you need to do to clean is to hold it under water and activate the turbo mode. This causes the shavers motor to accelerate to 17000 RMP, due to accelerating at such a speed any hair that might be tuck in the blades fall out.

A great feature of this device is that it features a flexible pivoting head that allows the user to use the shaver easily shave from any contours of the face.

The built-in pop up trimmer helps improve your shaving experience by intricating hair such as the hair on your sideburns, behind the neck and mustache hair.

Additionally, the shaver features a liquid crystal liquid display panel that presents the battery level of the device at all times, an indicator that tells how much time the device has been used, a light to show the charge levels while charging and a reminder that notifies the user when the shaver needs to be cleaned.

The device runs on batteries that require an hour to recharge. The charging can last up to 45 minutes with constant use. It also has a quick charge option which helps charge the batteries for 5 minutes to get enough power for a quick shave.

Lastly, the device features an ergonomic shape which allows the user to hold the device comfortably. It weighs 6.2 ounces and measures 9.6 x 3 x 7 inches.

  • Capable of providing a close, comfortable, and rapid shave
  • Good value for money.
  • The device is waterproof and can be used for both dry and wet shave
  • No razor cuts or burns.
  • Inconvenient placement of power button

2. Panasonic Arc5 – A superior Electric Razor

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV65-S Buy on Amazon

Next up on our list is the Panasonic Arc5 electric razor. This device is one of the best shavers present in terms of providing you with a comfortable and neat shave.

This model is an award-winning foil razor with angled blades and a five-blade shaving system. It features an active shaving sensor which automatically adjusts the power floe of the razor based on the thickness and density of your facial hair.

The foils feature slit blades with reverse-tapered edges to lift flat-lying hairs and trim longer ones. This helps ensure that no extra hair is left behind, and hair is shaved successfully in one go.

Other than this the shaver has a battery life of 45 minutes, which is capable of providing 15 three minute shaves. It takes an hour for the battery to charge fully however, you can also user the razor while it is charging.

Furthermore, the device features a user-friendly LCD display which shows you the battery life percentage reading and provides you with reminders when there is a need to clean the device.

Since the device is waterproof, it can be used both ways, dry or in the bathroom. It can be cleaned easily by putting it under running water.

A great feature of this device is the trimmer it utilizes which allows the user to detail sideburns, beards and mustaches.

The shaver comes with a foil guard, blade oil, AC charging cord and foil guard. Additionally, it also accompanies a travel pouch, travel safety lock and a universal power adaption.

It has a warranty of 2 years and you can also contact the customer service if you have any questions and queries.
  • Two optioned manual and automated cleaning
  • Intuitive metal finished built and design
  • 5 blade shaving system that ensures precise and smooth hair cutting
  • Well-adjusted shaving sensor depending on the beard density
  • The device is very noisy
  • Sensitive to some skin types

3. Pitbull Gold – Best for Bald Head

ZZ_Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Buy on Amazon

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold is undoubtedly one of the best shavers available in the market these days.

Though the performance of this model is on par with the high end Pitbull platinum, you are not required to pay for its fancy features. The device features a super comfortable ergonomic design that can be gripped several ways.

It has a stylish reflective body and has been shaped in a such way that it can smoothly maneuver along all the contours of your head and your face for facial hair. It provides you a wide range of motion.

The beveled and curved blades that the Pitbull Gold’s five flexing shaver heads feature have been upgraded from the Skull Shavers flat blades. Its powerful motor operates at a speed of up to 10,000 RPM which allows you to get done with shaving quickly.

Even though it is recommended that you use the shaver in small circular motions, it can be used in any direction you want. It can also be used both wet and dry, hence you don’t have to worry about any nicks or cut.

A shaving foam should be used if you go for wet shave, shaving gel however is not recommended since it can clog the blades of the shaver.

Since the Pitbull Gold Shaver is water resistant you can use it in the shower as well. It also provides you with ease of cleaning as all you need to do to clean it is run water over the running blades.

The Pitbull Gold Shaver features a 1400mAh lithium-ion battery that can run for 90 minutes with constant use. The working of the shaver does not slow down due to the depletion of the battery.

The battery lifespan is displayed on a Led numerical display at all times. The battery takes around 2 hours to recharge.

Skull Shaver provides a one and a half year warranty for the Pitbull Gold Shaver. Also, you can contact the customer service if you have any queries or questions regarding the device.

  • Unique design lets you get to any area of your head with ease.
  • This shaver features 5 individual flex action
  • Easy to clean by rinsing uber warm water without opening shaver heads.
  • Experience no nicks, cuts or burns.
  • Easily fits in the palm of the hand and as opposed to the traditional vertical shaver handle its shaped horizontally
  • Blades for replacement can be costly
  • You have to purchase the accessories separately

4. Remington XR1400 Verso – Best Shaver for Black Bald Head

Remington XR1400 Verso Buy on Amazon

Remington XR1400 verso is another great shaver that deserves a mention on our list. Remington is well known for providing high quality products and the Remington XR1400 is another great addition to its products.

Like the shavers mentioned above, this one too has an ergonomic design with a hand piece that is small enough to fit every hand size.The rubber grip prevents the device from slipping from your hands. The triple floating heads allows the shaver to easily follow the face contours which gives you a smooth shave quickly.

The three heads that the device features take care of all short and long hair and all hairs are cleaned in one go. Furthermore, it features a MaxLithium battery that can last for up to 45 hours with constant use.

Also, the efficiency of the shaver is not affected as the battery of the device depletes. It takes 4 hours to recharge. The model also features a quick 5 minute charge which allows you to use the shaver even if you forget to charge it.

The shaver comes with charcoal-infused scrubbing brush head and an adjustable trimmer with 10 length options. Also, a deep cleaning brush is included for men who are prone to skin irritation and bumps.

However, if you don’t have a sensitive skin then this deep cleaning brush might not be a bonus attachment for you.

Lastly, the easy snap off attachments and heads and the ease of clean provides the user with great convenience and overall this device works great.

  • It can be used for both wet and dry shave
  • The device can be cleaned easily under running water
  • It has quick charge capability that provides enough juice for shaving quickly
  • Has a battery light indicator that shows when device needs to be recharged
  • It comes at a good price.
  • The battery life is not impressive
  • It comes with a very few attachments
  • Does not come with a travel case
  • Not the best option for people with sensitive skin
  • Rotary Blade Height is not adjustable for a customized shave

5. Wahl Professional – Great Hair Clipper

Wahl Professional #8110 Buy on Amazon

The Wahl balding clippers are one of the most popular shaver models available on the market these days (we have also included it in out best hair clipper list). The brand is preferred by barbers all over the US and has a good reputation globally.

The Wahl professional 5 star balding clipper uses a powerful V5000 motor which ensures that enough power is supplied to allow you shave with ease. To ensure that you don’t cut yourself while shaving the device features surgical blades.

Though the blades do not get too close to the skin, they are close enough that you should take extra care while shaving on top of any moles or anything that the blade might slice through. This might not be a problem for people who have experience with shaving, but for beginners taking extra care is essential while using this device.

Hence, this tool is great for people who shave often and are experienced. But it might not be the best or the safest for those who lack a steady hand or are impatient.

The device comes with a single blade and two plastic cutting guides. It also accompanies a shaving brush, a black barbers comb, maintenance oil and an instruction manual.

There is no need for any additional tools as this device alone is enough for removing all hair.

However, you might need to buy extra oil as the shaver requires the need to be oiled after every use.

  • Powerful heavy-duty corded clipper, ideal for professional/ continual use.
  • The device can last for many years if regularly maintained.
  • An excellent balding clipper at a really good price.
  • Features a V5000 vibrator motor for durability and longevity.
  • If not used carefully the blade will slice through any moles or lumps on skin

6. SweetLF 3D – Best Waterproof IPX7 Electric Shaver Wet & Dry Rotary Shaver

SweetLF 3D IPX7 Electric Buy on Amazon

Sweet LF 3D IPX7 is a great shaver for its price.

This model is much cheaper than most of the shavers mentioned in our list, but it still does not fall behind its more expensive peers. It features a powerful motor and three rotating floats and is undoubtedly one of the best shavers in its class.

The shaver is a rotary type shaver and it features three 360 floating heads which easily move along the contours of the neck, face and jaw helping you achieve a neat and close shave. Furthermore, it also features a popup trimmer which helps you get an accurate trimming of facial hair and sideburns.

The charging of the device is displayed on a blue lit LED display.

One of the best features of this device is that it has a USB port because of which it can be charged using any USB charger, you can even use your cell phone charger to recharge this shaver. Hence, this feature makes this shaver very convenient and portable.

Also, the device is waterproof, hence it can be cleaned easily under tap water and it can also be used in a shower for a better shaving experience. For ease of cleaning of the device, the head of the shaver pops up and you can easily clean out any stuck hair in the unit.

Though this shaver might not be the best option available in the market, but it is still a good option, especially if you are on a budget and are searching for a shaver that is affordable.

It carries all the features needed to help you get a comfortable and neat shave.

  • Though the device feels light in hand it provides a great shave
  • It can be cleaned easily under running water
  • Can be charged using any micro USB lead which is really handy
  • A number of buyers think this shaver is much better than some of the well-known brands
  • According to a few people it stops working under the first 3-6 months of purchase
  • 7% of all UK buyers give this shaver a low rating

7. Philips Norelco 4500 – Another Supreme Head Shaver

Philips Norelco AT830-41 Buy on Amazon

Philips Norelco is one of the most popular rotary shavers available in the market with over 2000 reviews on Amazon alone. One of the main reasons that this device is loved by a large number of people is because it is capable of providing a decently close shave even on tough beards.

The shaving head has been designed in such a way that it easily picks up both short and long facial hair and gets the hair out in one go. The shaver can be used on area such as chin area and neck as well.

This electric shaver features a Dual Precision head which has been designed to shave both short and long stubble. Shaving on the neck and chin can be a little difficult for men, but this feature however makes it easier to cut down the hair that grow in different directions.

Also, according to Philips this shaver cuts hair below skin level by lifting up facial hair.

Another great feature of this model are the pivoting heads. All the three heads are capable of rotating inwards individually. Due to this, the 3 blades effortlessly follow the contours of the face.

However, they do not pivot outwards.

This shaver has a popup trimmer which is a great feature for trimming long facial hair and sideburns. It is a little difficult to use as a pure trimmer because of the position it has been built in.

This feature however, is loved by some men as it gives them better control and maneuverability of the device. Some don’t like the feature since it can be misplaced as it is a separate piece.

The shaver features a small LED display that shows three stats- battery life, charge indicator and quick charge. Also, the shaver is waterproof, hence it is very easy to clean. You can simply wash it under running water.

A brush can be used to get rid of the stuck hair that are not washed off by the water.

The shaver uses a NiCad battery that takes 8 hours to charge. After it has been charged it can be used for 50 minutes with constant use. It also has a quick charge option which allows you to charge the device for 3 minutes and provides you with enough charging to get done with your shave.

Also, you can shave both dry and wet. Wet shaving can be very convenient for men with sensitive skin.

Additionally, Philips offers a 45 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty as well.

One of the main downsides of this shaver is that it takes too long to recharge.

However, the quick charge option features provides you with enough charging with enough charging for a single shave in only 3 minutes.

  • The device is high quality yet very affordable
  • It gives you a decent run time of 50 minutes
  • Capable of shaving with or without shaving cream
  • Works great at taking care of long stubborn facial hair
  • Trimmer, not a strong point
  • Takes too long to recharge

8. Braun Electric Shaver – Ideal for Traveler

Braun Electric Series 9 9290cc Buy on Amazon

The Braun series 9 9390cc Men’s electric shaver is a stylish razor that is so compact that it can easily be fitted inside a wardrobe and your travel pouch.

It weighs only 2.8 pounds and has a black and silver metal body. Also, the shaver has a very robust and sturdy body, hence you won’t have to worry about damaging the device due to accidental falls. It comes with a titanium coated blade which works great when it comes to cutting thick beard hair.

The device is very efficient at trimming stubborn facial hair and it is easy to maneuver as well as it comfortably aligns to the contours of your face. It features multi directional shaving heads and its flexible shaving head can be adjusted in 10 different ways.

This is very convenient as it allows the head to cut facial hair and beard efficiently just like a very good beard trimmer. Unless you have a very rough and thick beard, it would not take you a lot of time to get a clean-shaven look.

The shaver has a textured rubberized grip which allows user to grip the device comfortably and there are less chances of dropping it by mistake. Also, it is waterproof, and it can be used in showers which is very convenient for people with sensitive skin.

According to the manufacturers, this shaver is 100% waterproof of up to 5 meters water depth. Also, this shaver features a LED display which shows the battery life and as well as the hygiene level of the device. It displays the time left before the device runs out of power.

The device can be charged fully in only one hour which is quite impressive as compared to the other shavers mentioned in the lift. If you shave occasionally then one single charge is enough to use the device with that charging for a week or more.

It also offers a quick charge option where you can charge the device under just a couple of minutes.

  • Has a convenient Led display that shows battery life
  • Get fully charged in only an hour
  • The rubberized, textured grip areas on its body make the device easy to hold and maneuver
  • Its flexible shaving head can be adjusted in 10 ways
  • 4 separate cutting elements with 1 skin guard.
  • Convenient carry pouch – ideal for travel needs.
  • Since the head of shaver is big, it is difficult to reach inside nose.
  • It is difficult to clean manually

9. Philips Norelco S738/82 – Precise Head Shaver

Philips Norelco S738-82 Buy on Amazon

Philips Narelco click & Style Shaver S738/82 is another good option when it comes to maintaining and styling your beard and other facial hair.

This shaver is an all-in-one device for styling, grooming and shaving facial hair.

Though this device can be used only when dry, but you can also use the shaver attachment with shaving gel or cream if you have a sensitive skin.

The shaver features 2 Comfort Cut heads with round edges, the round edges of the device allow it to glide smoothly on your face contours and reduces the chances of cuts and nicks.

The Styler attachments are also very helpful in providing precision control to help you get your desired facial hair style.

It offers five length settings which help you achieve the perfect beard, goatee or five o’clock shadow.

Furthermore, it can be cleaned easily by rinsing the device under running water.

It features a high-quality rechargeable battery that takes an hour to charge and can be used for 40 minutes with constant use.

Also, it comes with a Philips Bodygroom attachment which has 3 combs for body hair of different lengths.

You can easily remove and put on the attachments even if you are a beginner, hence this feature increases convenience.

The shaver comes with a protection cap and a charging adapter, cleaning brush and a carrying pouch for the shaver is also included.

The manufacturers offer a 45 day risk-free trial and a full 2-year warranty.

  • Comes with a good warranty time
  • You can switch from the rotating blades to the trimmer in less than 3 seconds.
  • Adjustable height on trimmer
  • You can use it as a body shaver as well
  • All three heads can be used to wet shave too
  • Can’t be used while charging

10. Remington F5-5800 – Best Men’s Electric Razor

Remington F5-5800 Foil Buy on Amazon

Last but not the least, the Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver is another great electric shaver that not only performs well but is available at a good price too.

This device comes without frills and if you are searching for a shaver that is good at helping you achieve a clean shave, then this one might be the right choice for you.

The shaver is available in both black and charcoal finish and it can easily be turned on/off by the buttons displayed on the device.

One of the best features of this device is the foil had that features their patented and flex interior technology.

Also, the shaver is waterproof which means that all you need to do to clean is to rinse it under running water.

It can be used for both dry shave and wet shave as well.

With less passes, this device guarantees you a close and neat shave, which means that you can get done with the shaving process easily and quickly in the morning.

The shaver has all the features that are for a great shave and although the price is low, no compromise has been made on the quality.

Another great feature of the Remington f5-5800 is how easily it handles long and stubborn hair.

The steel foil is capable of effortlessly pivoting and moving along the contours of your face.

The handy pop up features allow you to carefully trim around the beard, moustache and sideburns.

Furthermore, it also has a LED gauge which helps you determine how much time is left before you would need to recharge the device.

Once the device has been fully recharged it can be used for 60 minutes, which is enough time to daily shave for a week or more.

Also, it has a quick recharge feature that provides you with enough juice for a quick shave if you forget to plug in the charger the night before.

Though it is better to plug it in for the next day, some people are fine with a five minute charge each morning.

Also, if you don’t want to recharge the device very now and then you can also use the shaver with the cord.

Since the shaver flexes and curves with your body as you shave there are very less chances of getting cut.

This feature also makes the shaver a great choice for beginners since it is so easy to use.

Because the shaver has two foils instead of one and the two angles work independently from each other, you get contours from two angles as well.

  • It has a very long battery life of 60 minutes
  • It provides amazing value for money at just $45.
  • Since the device is very powerful it can easily shave off thick, coarse hairs.
  • The pop-up trimmer makes it easy to trim and shape your beard and sideburns
  • Sometimes the head of the shaver may come loose, but this is very rare.
  • As compared to expensive brands of shaver, this one is quite noisy
  • Because the device so powerful, you might experience irritation at first if you have sensitive skin.

How to Buy Electric Head Shavers in 2020 – Buying Guide

Below is a buying guide for electric head shavers which will help you get familiar with the features that are necessary for a good electric head shaver.

Ease of Cleaning:

Every person who shaves wants the cut to be close. It might be difficult to get that type of close cut if your shaver gets clogged with loose hair.

The ability of a shaver to deal with tiny hair shows the quality of shave a shaver is capable of providing.

Almost everyone prefers to buy shaver that is relatively easy to clean and there is no doubt that a good shaver should possess this quality.

Some shavers available in the market come with compartments that collect hair which can be shaken out later.

Others are waterproof and you can simply clean them by running them under water.

However, before you decide to buy a shaver make sure that you pay attention to the way it is cleaned.

Cuts per Minute:

A good shaver is the one that is fast and provides you with a smooth shave quickly.

One way to determine how fast a shaver works is to look at its cuts per minute.

For shaver systems that are rotatory based, the speed can be gauged accurately in resolutions per minute.

In general, it is always better to choose a shaver that is capable of executing a lot of quick cuts because not only will that make the shaving process quicker but easier as well.


Rotary of the device refers to the spinning blades of a rotary shaver which is responsible for the cutting of hair.

Hair enters the small opening of the shaver as the blade spins. Once the hair is inside, the rotating blades the hair is cut down.

As far as maneuverability is concerned, rotatory shavers work the best at providing you the ease of managing to shave along all contours of your face.


The thin metallic mesh that covers the blades of the shaver is referred as ‘foil’.

Foil electric shavers on the other hand are quite efficient at providing a much closer cut than their rotary counterparts.

This protective layer helps provide protection against cuts and nicks and makes the shaver more sensitive skin friendly as compared to rotary blades, however, this one is a little less maneuverable.

Power Profile:

Electric shavers can be powered either by being plugged in or battery charging.

If you choose a plug-in shaver, then you will only be able to shave when you have a power outlet nearby.

The charging type on the other hand provides you with overall versatility.

Pop up trimmer:

A number of head shavers feature an integrated trimmer that can be popped up.

That trimmer can be used for grooming, mustache and sideburns.

Wet & Dry Technology:

Wet and dry technology refers to the feature that allows the electric shavers to be used either in the shower and dry as well.

This technology is very useful to people with sensitive skin as they prefer to shave with gel foam.

LED Indicator:

Most of the electric shavers in the market come with the feature of a LED indicator.

A shaver with a LED indicator is good enough to keep you updated with the current battery level, it also notifies you when your device needs to be recharged.


All of the head shavers mentioned in the list have been looked into carefully and are generally loved by a large number of users as well.

Not only will this guide help you narrow down your choices, but it will also help you to choose the electric shaver that has the features that suit you the most.

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