Best Bikini Trimmer 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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It’s easy to think that your standard trimmer or razor will be up to the task of getting you ready for your bikini look but this isn’t the case. The truth is, standard razors simply aren’t designed to deal with working around delicate areas.

While your shaving arsenal might be equipped for things like shaving armpits and legs, it isn’t the case for your bikini line. At best you might have some rogue hairs around but you could also be dealing with itchiness, nasty scars, rashes, skin burns, or worse, big cuts.

This is why you need a dedicated bikini trimmer to do the job.

We’re going to be taking a look at the 10 best bikini trimmers so you can find out which one will work for you. We’ll also be looking at a handy buying guide so you can pick out the perfect bikini trimmer.

Our Top 3 Recommendation

Philips BRT383

Our pick

Philips BRT383 BikiniGenie

Panasonic ES246AC


Panasonic ES246AC

Schick Hydro Silk

Upgrade pick

Schick Hydro Silk

How We Picked

While compiling this list, we had to take a lot of measures to get the best bikini trimmer units. We really poured hours into finding the best of the best.

Our process for picking bikini trimmers began by scouring through various store shelves and online retailers. We picked up trimmers from some of the most well-known companies as well as lesser known brands.

We also researched into finding what kinds of bikini trimmers were popular with customers and professional reviewers. We also reached out to storefronts to find out what some of the most sold bikini trimmers were out there.

Because of this extensive research, we were able to arrive at a long list of possible products that we wanted to test. We were then ready to put them to the test.

How We Tested

Once we had a list of hopeful prospects, we had to test them to make sure they lived up to their expectations.

Tasted Bikini Trimmer We pitted all the bikini trimmers against each other. There were 42 bikini trimmers from countless different brands being tested. This was to make sure that we could find something worthwhile for each brand whether it was popular or not. 

Our extensive test were carried out in controlled conditions to make sure there were no outside influences. We were able to test these bikini trimmers on everything from battery life to durability and performance.

During this time we also took special features and extras into consideration. Price was taken into account as well so that we could determine the best value among all these different trimmers.

By end of the testing period, we had a good idea of which trimmers managed to perform better than the others in all kinds of different aspects.

This way we were able to narrow down our choices further and further until we got down to a list of what we think are the ten best trimmers out there that you can buy.

Here are The 10 Best Bikini Trimmer Reviews of 2020

We did our best to find out the best product out there but it’s true that there is no single best trimmer that will fit everyone. Please go trough every review and decide on yours needs.

1. Philips BRT383 BikiniGenie Review – Best Bikini Trimmer in 2020 (Editor’s Pick)

Philips BikiniGenie BRT383-50 Buy on Amazon

The first pick for this list is the Philips BRT383 BikiniGenie. This is one of the most popular bikini trimmers out there right now. And with a name like BkiniGenie right off the bat, what’s not to love?

This bikini trimmer is very well designed with everything from its basic outer design and construction to its actual functionality and the features that it gives you.

The Philips BikiniGenie is a completely cordless electric trimmer that works well anywhere. All you need is two AA batteries to get it going. This means you don’t have to worry about charging any batteries or carrying any charging cables around with you.

On top of that, this unit comes fully packed with a bunch of different goodies. You get a lot of helpful accessories like click on trimming combs to change your trimming lengths, a mini shaver head for getting into delicate areas, and a soft drawstring pouch so you can easily store everything in a handy place and travel with ease.

It’s really easy to use thanks to its simple controls. You also get some helpful instruction with this unit that can get you up to speed. And once you’re done trimming, you can clean the trimmer with relative ease by using the included cleaning brush and running it under the tap.

All in all, if you’re looking for a great bikini trimmer to do the job properly with easy and comfort, the Philips BikiniGenie is the best option to go for.

  • Includes multiple different accessories
  • Easy to store and transport from place to place
  • Compact and well designed
  • May not work as well for coarse hair
  • Not as powerful as some other unit on the market

2. Panasonic ES246AC Review – Best Bikini Shaper for Sensitive Skin

Panasonic Bikini ES246AC Buy on Amazon

A lot of the different bikini trimmers you will find out there work solely as trimmers and don’t have a lot of uses beyond that. But the most important part of having a bikini trimmer isn’t just something that can cut down hair but also groom it in a desired way. This is where Panasonic’s E246AC Bikini Shaper and Trimmer comes in.

This handy little trimmer is designed to be the perfect tool to get your bikini line in proper shape. Panasonic advertises this trimmer as a gentle care trimmer that works best for delicate and sensitive skin. According to most users out there, this is definitely the case here.

This bikini trimmer a hypoallergenic stainless steel blade to make sure you won’t get any irritation or rashes from using the trimmer even on sensitive skin. To top this off, this trimmer also comes with its own customizable setting for its use. You can choose between five different setting to go as deep or shallow as you want while avoiding razor bumps and skin burns.

It’s incredibly easy to bring this trimmer along with you wherever you go thanks to its cordless design. All you need to get it going are two AA batteries. These will give you enough juice to go through an entire 45 minutes worth of trimming.

Since the trimmer head is waterproof, you should have no problems running it over water to clean it. It even includes a handy cleaning brush to get rid of pesky rouge hairs stuck in the blades. It’s fast, easy, and most of all, convenient.

  • Completely waterproof
  • Five different adjustable trimmer settings
  • Shaper and trimmer all in one
  • Great for sensitive and delicate skin
  • The shape of the trimmer makes it hard to get a close trim

3. Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Review – Best Bikini Trimmer and Razor Combo

Buy on Amazon

Shick has always been at the forefront of making great shaving care products. So it stands to reason the Shick Hydro Silk TrimStyle is up to its game in terms of the kind of experience it gives you.

The Shick Hydro Silk Trimstyle is one of Shick’s latest and greatest from its exceptional line of trimmers. What makes this model especially unique is that it is meant to give you some of the most comfortable trimming experiences that you can ever have.

This trimmer comes with a traditional razor as well as a trimming unit. So you can get rid of most of your hair with the trimmer while cleaning up the remainder with the razor. The razor has its own lubricating strip with a hypo-allergenic hydrating serum on it. This keeps your skin moisturized and irritation free.

The Hydro Silk trimmer has five curve sensing blades that move with your skin preventing any bumps. The skin guards also let you control how close of a shave you want. You can adjust the trimming comb to your desired length and start trimming away.

One of the standout features about this trimmer is that it is completely waterproof. This means that you can easily take it into the shower with you and trim at the same time. The dual purpose design does make it a bit harder to hold in the shower but it’s a small price to pay for such convenience.

  • Dual purpose razor and trimmer in one
  • Lubricating hypo-allergenic hydrating serum
  • Moistures skin after it trims it
  • Great for anyone with dry or allergenic skin
  • Blades for the razor have to be replaced often
  • The moisturizing strip can wear out fairly quick

4. Braun Silk Epilator 7-561- Best for Smooth Shave

Braun Epilator Silk-epil 9 9-890 Buy on Amazon

The Braun Women’s Epilator épil 7 7-561 is a truly one-of-a-kind product. Not only is it a decent trimmer for your entire bikini trimming needs but it also has other functions with it. You can use this unit as a trimmer, epilator and even as a shaver. There aren’t many other products that can offer this kind of functionality.

You can use this trimmer in any way you like. If you want completely smooth skin with no hair in sight, the close grip tweezers in the epilator will help you get there. If you’re looking something a little less painful, the shaver can do that for you. And if you just want to shorten the length of your hair in more delicate areas, the trimmer is for you.

Besides general hair trimming and epilating work, this trimmer works for other things as well. There’s a dedicated styler cap included in this unit that will help you keep everything in shape. You can maintain a proper bikini line while making sure there are no rogue strands of hair sticking out.

No matter what your use is for this unit, it will perform well. The shaver and trimmer caps are well designed and very durable. You can go through multiple sessions without ever needing blade replacements.

It may cost a bit more than some other trimmers out there but for what it does, it’s worth it. This trimmer and epilator works very efficiently making it get much better results than waxing while also making it painless.

  • Very quick and efficient at trimming hair
  • Multi-functional unit includes a shaver, a trimmer, and an epilator
  • Included styler helps you keep a great bikini line
  • Price tag is higher than similar models out there

5. Philips Hp6378/10 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer – Best for Newbie

Philips Hp6378-10 Buy on Amazon

The Philips Hp6378/10 is a premium bikini trimmer with great features. It makes for a great bikini trimmer for first time users. It makes great use of its design to give you the most personalized shave for you.

There’s a reason this trimmer is named the perfect deluxe. Philips has made sure that you get pampered with the best experience possible. This trimmer has a total of six different attachments that come with it. This means that this trimmer works great for all kinds of different body types and shapes.

You can do much more with this trimmer than just use it for your bikini line. Aside from including great trimming attachments like a comb, trimmer, and epilator attachment it also has other useful attachments.  As an added bonus, it even comes with a zippered travel bag, an exfoliation glove, and illuminating tweezers.

You can use the eyebrow comb to trim your eyebrows in a pinch. There are also some fine trimming tools like a micro trimmer and micro shaver to get the perfect bikini line.

The trimmer comes with a rechargeable battery pack to make it more portable. But instead of just having a bulky cord sticking out of the trimmer, it has a unique charging station that you can dock the trimmer on.

Charging the trimmer is a breeze though it does some time to get enough charge. You will need at least 10 hours to get a full charge which then gives you about an hour’s worth of trimming. This makes it a tough sell for a bikini trimmer you’d want to bring with you on vacation. But it is definitely a great option if you just want to use it every now and then.

  • Six functional attachments for all kinds of needs
  • Micro shaver and micro trimmer help with delicate trimming
  • Great for all kinds of body types
  • Takes up a significantly long time to charge up fully

6. Panasonic ES246 Ladies Bikini Trimmer – Most Durable Bikini Trimmer

Panasonic Bikini ES246AC Buy on Amazon

An ideal bikini trimmer not only does the job as quickly and efficiently as possible but makes sure that the experience is as streamlined as it can be. The Panasonic E246 Ladies Bikini Trimmer does this better than any other trimmer out there.

This bikini trimmer has a rugged outer design with the exterior made out of durable materials which prevents it from getting cracked or scratched up. The top of the trimmer is angled in such a way that you can easily get into tricky spots for removing hair.

This trimmer is very lightweight and easy to use. Weighing in at roughly 5 ounces, it makes it easy to carry around especially since it doesn’t have an inbuilt battery. You can use two AA batteries for a total of 40 minutes of trimming time.

Another great thing about the Panasonic Bikini Trimmer is that the blades are coated for smoother trimming experience. The coating consists of hypo allergenic materials that help prevent any kind of skin rashes from breaking out while you’re trimming.

The trimmer head for this model has multiple positions for angling the trimming head. This means that you can get all kinds of different angles to get at to clear away hard to reach hair strands.

You’re not going to find many of the bells and whistles on this unit like you might with other trimmers. But the Panasonic Bikini Trimmer does its job properly without causing any issues. For those of you looking for a no frills trimmer to get the job done, this trimmer is the way to go.

  • Durable construction and design
  • Hypo allergenic coated blades
  • Highly adjustable trimming angles and positions
  • Needs AA batteries to work
  • Batteries only last 40 minutes

7. LiBa Bikini Trimmer and Multi-Blade Body Groomer Review – Good for Budget Option

Bikini Trimmer by LiBa Buy on Amazon

The LiBa is a more underrated brand of trimmers and head shavers but they what they lack in popularity they make up for in quality and performance. If you’re looking for a good quality trimmer for less, LiBa should have you covered.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this bikini trimmer has a very unique design compared to other trimmers. It’s not only a standard trimmer but also functions great as a multi blade body groomer. Instead of just having a standard trimming head unit, the multiple chambered blades help distribute any pressure that applies to your skin.

The blades on this bikini trimmer are treated with hypoallergenic material which helps prevent skin issues like rashes or skin burns. The trimmer head is angled to makes it possible to get into hard to reach places which can further keep irritation at bay.

This bikini trimmer works for both wet and dry use. You can use it on its own or in the bath or shower to make cleaning up convenient and easy. The trimmer manages to get really close to your skin for that perfect shave.

LiBa offers a full three year warranty for the trimmer should anything go wrong. And if you’re still on the fence about getting it then they also offer a no questions asked 90 day return policy. So you can use this trimmer as much as you want, and if it doesn’t live up to your expectations then you can just return it.

  • Multi blade design for greater comfort
  • Extensive three year warranty with 90 day money back guarantee
  • Works for wet and dry use
  • Highly comfortable to use
  • Comes with a cleaning brush and trim guard
  • Needs two AA batteries to work
  • Replacement blades are harder to find

8. Schick Quattro Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer Review – Best Bikini Trimmer for Ingrown Hair

Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor Buy on Amazon

Shick is one of the most popular shaving brands out there. Their trimstyle line has been popular among a lot of people. The Quattro Trimstyle Bikini Trimmer manages to take this prestige to the trimmer product line.

True to Shick’s great innovation for shaving products, the Shick Quattro Trimstyle Razor is designed in a truly unique way. This is a double sided bikini trimmer that has a trimmer on one end and razor on the other.

What you end up with is a great way to trim out a large part of your hair with the trimmer while fine tuning your bikini line quickly and easily. All it takes is a flip of the handle and you can change the way this Trimstyle razor works for you.

The trimmer unit is very well designed which makes it great to use. Its ergonomic design makes it fit really well in your hand so you can use it for hours with no discomfort.

Shick manages to make the trimming experience really hassle free thanks to the pivoting trimming head and the ultra-thin five sharp blades. Trimming and cutting through hair feels like breeze because of this level of attention to minor details.

This is a great option for a trimmer that gives you a smooth experience. It does have some minor problems like running off AA batteries but overall it’s well worth the price tag.

  • Two in one trimmer and shaving and razor
  • Ergonomic design makes for comfortable handling
  • Pivoting trimmer head helps get at difficult angle
  • Five ultra-thin reduce overall pressure on the skin
  • Needs AA batteries to work
  • The suction cup wall holder that comes with the trimmer does not work well

9. Gillette Venus Bikini Precision Trimmer Review – Best Bikini Trimmer for Long Hair

Gillette Venus Bikini Precision Women's Trimmer Buy on Amazon

Gillette has always been on the top of the shaving market. Recently the company has started to release a premium line of bikini trimmer products that have really highlighted great quality and craftsmanship.

The Gillette Venus Bikini Precision is much slimmer than your average beach trimmer out there. It has roughly the same size and shape as a standard electric toothbrush. This not only makes it easy to hold and use but also makes it highly portable and easy to pack.

It’s very easy to just slip this trimmer into a small purse of bag pocket without any worries for space concerns. As a side benefit, you can also use it single handedly with no problems whatsoever.

Not only is the design of the exterior well thought out, but so is everything else with this trimmer. The styler head has a 90 degree tilt which makes it easy to maneuver and see what you’re doing. The blades are well rounded to you don’t get any cut or razor bumps on your skin while trimming.

The Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer comes with its own 5mm clip on comb for trimming and styling purposes. This comb will allow you to get all your hair at a preferable uniform length with no issues.

Like a lot of cordless units out there, the Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer runs off of AA batteries. You get batteries with the trimmer so you’re good to go immediately. However, the battery compartment is not well designed which can make water leak into it.

Although this is advertised as a wet and dry trimmer, most users have found that using it dry can cause irritation. The handle for this trimmer has a specialized grip to prevent it from slipping when it’s wet. Unfortunately, this trimmer isn’t completely waterproof so you run the risk of ruining it.

Overall this is a great compact trimmer that can be useful for travel despite some issues that it may have in its design.

  • Slim compact design makes it easy to store and travel with
  • Comes with a 5mm styling comb and batteries
  • 90 degree tilting head makes it easy to maneuver
  • Rounded blade tips prevent razor bumps
  • Not suitable for heavy use
  • The styling comb does not fit securely
  • Water can tend to leak in the battery compartment

10. Philips Perfect Bikini Trimmer Review 2020 – Best for Going Bare

Philips Perfect Bikini Buy on Amazon

If you’re looking to get the full service with your bikini trimmer, then the Philips Perfect Bikini Trimmer should be right up your alley. This trimmer combines the best of trimming, shaving and epilating so you can get the ultimate service.

Like a beard trimmer this bikini trimmer comes with six varying attachments that will help you do just about anything. You can use the attachments to transform this unit into a trimmer, a shaver or an epilator. Some attachments will also help you get rid of fine hair in hard to reach places.

Philips has really managed to hit it home with the design of this trimmer. The outer housing for this bikini trimmer is contoured and has grip textured surfaced where needed. This makes it virtually impossible for it to slip out of your hand even if you’re in the shower or bath.

This trimmer comes with a full package that includes helpful attachments and accessories. Not only do you get a great number of attachments but you also get a nice travel pouch to store your trimmer in. You also get an exfoliating glove to help remove dead skin and a pair of illuminating tweezers to get you to pick out any pesky strands of hair.

This trimmer does suffer from some minor problems. The attachments can wear out over time which doesn’t make them attach properly. However, this isn’t a big issue since you can buy replacements. And other than this is a pretty decent trimmer to get.

  • Works as a functional shaver, trimmer, and epilator
  • Includes travel pouch, exfoliating glove, and illuminating tweezers
  • Ergonomic non slip compact design
  • Comes with six different attachments
  • Attachments occasionally slip off the unit

Bikini Trimmer Buying Guide 2020 – Things to Look at

Not all Bikini Trimmers will offer the same amount of functionality or value.  Just because there is a bikini trimmer that is rated highly it doesn’t necessarily mean it will offer the same experience to you.

Products like trimmers can be very subjective things because they will work in varying ways. Different people have different body types some bikini trimmers can work better than others.

This is why it’s important to make sure have the right trimmer that works for you. It’s not always an easy and straightforward process because there are so many different brands and types of trimmers out there. You really have to be able to research and find out all the different options out there. Not only will this take up your time but also a ton of effort.

To help you get a good sense of what you should be looking out for in a trimmer, we’ve compiled a handy guide to make sure that you exactly what you can use to buy the perfect bikini trimmer for you.


Bikini trimmers come in multiple sizes and shapes. You can get anything from large sized trimmers to medium or even compact travel sized trimmers.

Bikini Trimmer Size

Some more common types of trimmer will be as large as traditional trimmers with a rectangular form factor. These kinds of trimmers can be very bulky and hard to hold and use. But these kinds of units are common when you’re buying cheaper trimmers.

There are units that aren’t as large as this one. They might work better for you because they will be easier to handle. These kinds of trimmers aren’t too expensive and you can find them for reasonable prices.

You can also find some smaller units that weigh and occupy the same space as a standard electric toothbrush. These are ultra-compact trimmers that can be really easy to use especially while holding it with one hand. However, these units tend to be more expensive.


One of the main reasons why you would want a bikini trimmer is because you need something that’s specially designed to deal with delicate areas. Comfort can end up being a big deciding factor in this.

Comfortability for Bikini TrimmerWhile a razor bump or a minor cut isn’t that big of deal elsewhere it can be a problem when you’re trimming near delicate areas. This is why a lot of trimmers out there do things add rounded trimming blades to help keep that from happening.

You can sometimes also see things like hypoallergenic coating on top of the blades. These keep the trimmer for triggering any kind of harsh reactions from occurring on people with allergies, sensitive skin, or irritations.


There’s no point investing in a bikini trimmer only to find out that it doesn’t work as intended. This is why you have to make sure that whichever unit you buy does its job.

For most trimmers, a major problem is that it can be hard to get into some hard to reach areas. This is why many trimmers have a head pivoting design that lets them get into hard to reach areas.

You also need to look out for trimmers with multiple spread out blades so that they can get as close to the skin as possible allowing for a much better shave.

Power Source

Another difference that you can find between bikini trimmers is how they’re powered.

The two basic designs that you will find are corded and cordless units. These will offer different levels of convenience depending on your needs.

Corded units will just work off the power from the outlet. These kinds of trimmers can be very useful because all you have to do is plug them in to be able to use them. You don’t have to worry about battery time or replacing the batteries. But this does mean you’re restrained to your nearest outlet.

Cordless units on the other hand work off of batteries. They can operate on rechargeable li-on batteries or on standard AA batteries. These kinds of trimmers aren’t bound to cords so you’re free to move around as much as you want. But this does mean that you have to constantly recharge or change batteries when they run out.

You can also get cordless units that have a corded charging cradle that makes it easy to pick and put down the trimmer to charge.


A trimmer on its own will work fine for most intents and purposes but sometimes you need a bit more functionality than trimming hair and that’s where attachments come in.

Attachments sit on top of your trimmer head and give you all kinds of different functionality. For example, you can change your trimmer head attachment for attachments that will trim hair more finely.

There are also other attachments out there like shaver attachments and epilator attachments. These will let you do the same basic functions as shavers and epilators on your trimmer. It won’t offer you the same performance as stand alone units but they can be really useful.

Some attachments will even let you trim other more delicate areas like eyebrows. Some bikini trimmers come with these attachments right out of the box whereas other times you will have to buy them separately.


Sometimes you just want to be able to take your grooming products with you when you travel which is why it can be extremely important to find out how portable a trimmer is.

You will find a lot of different bikini trimmers out there offering portability. Some end up being more portable than others.

The main criteria you have to focus on when deciding if your bikini trimmer is portable is to look at the size. Smaller units will be much easier to slip into your bag than large and bulky ones.

You will also need to check how your trimmer is powered. Cordless units can be cumbersome for portability because you’re not always guaranteed to have an outlet nearby. This is where AA battery powered bikini trimmers work best because you can buy these batteries anywhere without worrying about charging them.


Nothing’s worse than a trimmer that works fine for a couple of weeks or months before deciding to die out on you. You need to be able to look for trimmers that can stand the test of time.

One of your first concerns should be how durable the outer housing is. If it’s weak and prone to cracks, it can develop serious issues down the line. This is especially true during use in the shower where water can seep in and ruin the motor or the batteries.

On the other hand you need to be able to focus on how durable the blades will be. The last thing you need is to keep changing blades because they wear out quickly.

It might also be worth checking up to see if your trimmer has widely acceptable blade replacements. Some units use replacement blades that aren’t widely available and can be a huge problem down the line for you.

FAQs Regarding Bikini Trimmer

What is a bikini hair trimmer?

Bikini hair trimmers are made to remove the hair from your bikini line area. Most bikini hair trimmers are electric with different attachments for cutting hair to different lengths. Most bikini hair trimmers can cut down the hair as low as 0.5mm. When shaving a sensitive area like the bikini line, using a bikini hair trimmer does not irritate and harm the skin, unlike razors and other shavers.

Which trimmer is best for pubic hair?

The best bikini hair trimmer for the pubic area is a trimmer with a protective guard that will protect the very sensitive skin in this area. A more risky option is using a razor for the bikini line area; these razors will provide you with the closest shave but have the risk of causing cuts or razor rashes. A foil type hair trimmer will give you the closest shave that will be very close to the length you can achieve with shaving with a razor.

Is a bikini trimmer better than a razor?

Unlike bikini trimmers, a razor puts your sensitive skin in direct contact with a sharp blade that scrapes across the surface of your skin. Using a razor can lead to nicks and cuts to one of the most sensitive parts of your body. A bikini trimmer is specially designed not to harm the skin while also cutting down the hair to the desired length. Razors may also irritate the skin, causing razor bumps, ingrown hairs, or razor rash, which can be very painful due to being in direct contact with fabric from underwear and pants.

Do bikini trimmers hurt?

The bikini line area is one of the most sensitive on the body. Bikini hair trimmers were explicitly made for the bikini area to provide a safe option, unlike typical razors that have irritated the skin of millions of people. With high-quality bikini hair trimmers, you will wonder why you have been using a razor for so long.

How often should you shave your bikini area?

To answer this question, you must ask yourself what your goals are. Unlike razors that can irritate the skin, a bikini hair trimmer can be used every day to maintain a smooth look. When using a razor, everyday use could lead to lots of skin irritation. If you want to be smooth 24/7, shaving every day is the right choice when using an electric bikini hair trimmer.

What happens if you don't shave your pubic area?

While there is nothing wrong with not grooming your pubic area/bikini line. Many women choose to shave their bikini lines to have a cleaner and more well-kept image. It has been shown that unshaved pubic hair leads to an increase in infections due to sweat and dirt gathering in the area.

What is the best way to remove pubic hair for females?

The best way to remove pubic hair for females is to first start by soaking in the bath to soften the hair and skin before you shave the area. Five minutes in the tub is enough time to soften the skin and hair effectively. Using a high-quality electric bikini trimmer with a protective guard is the best option to eliminate skin irritation. A foil-type bikini trimmer will give you the closest shave out of any of the other types of shaving options.

Can I use a standard hair trimmer to remove pubic hair?

A standard hair trimmer may also shave the pubic area. Proceed with caution because a typical hair trimmer is not explicitly made for the bikini line area and can cause irritation by being too abrasive to the skin.

What's the best lady shaver for the pubic area?

The best electric shaver that should be used for the pubic area is a shaver with a protective shield that does not put sharp blades directly to the skin. A foil electric shaver has sharp blades protected by a guard with holes that will cut down the hairs once the hairs poke through. A foil shaver can provide a very close shave that can be compared to a razor. An example of a foil shaver is the LiBa Bikini Trimmer and Multi-Blade Body Groomer.


Having the right bikini trimmer can be essential for anyone that wants to be able to get there summer look down. But there are simply too many options right now in the market for anyone to be able to pick sensibly on a single glance.

With so many brands, product lines, and feature lists out there, it’s no wonder that it’s harder than ever to be to pick a decent bikini trimmer that does what you need it to.

This guide should have given you a good list of options to narrow down your search for and to keep the research as minimal as possible when you go out to buy any trimmer.

At the end of the day, it’s not about getting the best trimmer you can possibly buy. There are a lot of great bikini trimmers on offer each of which have their own unique features, design or performance.

Instead you should focus on your needs and what kind of bikini trimmer will work best for those needs. This way you will be able to be happy with your purchase. And before you know it, you’ll be out there on the beach rocking out your new bikini without any worries.
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