10 Best Hair Clippers 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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The best hair clippers on the market can sometimes lead you to a bad decision because they do not fulfill your requirements. You need to identify what you are going to be using the hair clipper for and then purchase the product accordingly.

The blades of the recent hair clippers in the market are all stainless steel and companies are focusing more on water resistance, so it becomes easier to clean the hair clippers. Companies have also built powerful and compact electromagnetic motors to ensure motor power is always optimal despite not providing variations in speeds. That’s something you need to need to keep in mind while selecting a hair clipper.

With that said…

The below-mentioned hair clippers all have their faults but they are the least likely to end up as a bad decision. Go through each hair clipper read their pros and cons and decide based on your needs. At the end of the day, you need to keep a budget and follow it regardless of what you see.

Our Top 3 Recommendation

Wahl Color Pro

Our pick

Wahl Color Pro

OSTER Fast Feed


OSTER Fast Feed

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro

Upgrade pick

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro

STOCK ISSUES April 8, 2020:
Due to the increase in people suddenly cutting their hair at home, a number of our picks are out of stock.

What are Hair Clippers?

Hair clippers are specialized gadgets that can fulfill your hair cutting needs. Their designs are made to be portable and come in two categories.

Heavy-duty hair clippers that are used to cut off sheep hair and normal hair clippers that people can use in their day to day life. The normal ones are further divided into two categories. There are ones that can be connected to a power supply through a wire and ones that are portable and wireless. Some have batteries that need to be replaced and some can be recharged to function the same way.

How do Hair Clippers work?

These gadgets have a pair of sharpened blades that move parallel to each other. This mechanism allows for you to cut through even the tiniest bit of hair just like a blade would but much safer. The thing with a bade is that it ends up scratching away the top layer of the skin that has dead skin cells. This is not the case with hair clippers because they are used for trimming extra hair spots.

Hair clippers generally do a much better job because they are much consistent with each trim. Wireless hair trimmers generally end up getting slower the more you use them which does not end up doing a fine job. Imagine you are in the middle of a trimming session and halfway through your hair clipper suddenly stops working. You try to smack it on the head a few times, but it doesn’t work. Now you’re left with half a stubble and that could be a terrifying situation – especially when you’re on your way to the office.

Hair clippers also come with hair guards. They can be clipped on to the hair clippers, so you don’t have to trim everything down to the skin. They are very useful when it comes to shortening your hair and not completely clearing the skin.

To make things easier, we’ve ensured that we take the best of the best when it comes to battery time as well as trimming power. All of these hair clippers can be used to make you feel great about yourself and give you the best trimming of your life.

How we Picked the Hair Clippers?

While listing down the best hair clippers available on the market right now, we shuffled through a lot of products to get to the hair clippers trimmers out there

We looked into different well-known and well-reputed stores like Walmart as well as online retailers. We chose and picked up hair clippers from the highly rated companies as well as from lesser-known brands.

We conducted further research to find out what people are saying on Reddit. we also interviewed experienced barbers well-known salons, travelers, as well as hair clippers manufacturers, we considered their opinion because they are the people who know best about clippers and trimmers in the first place.

After this extensive research, we were able to list down many different hair clippers. After compiling a long list, we put each of them to test to find out the best 10 hair clippers.

How we Tested Hair Clippers?

You don’t know unless you see inside

We carried several tests to ensure the following list of hair clippers were up to standards.  We started with conducting experiments on 15 hair clippers that were said to be the best in the market. These hair clippers mostly had positive feedback from customers on Amazon and were regarded as top-notch.  Along with them, we took out two hair clippers that didn’t have good ratings but had some positive reviews about individual features that made them stand out.

We checked each one for their motor power. The motor power was responsible for ensuring you get the best hair trimming possible with very little traces visible. Nobody likes a trim to end up showing in the spot where you did it and people with thicker hair generally have that problem. Well, that problem was solved as the majority of the trimmers had amazing motor strength that led to noiseless and effortless trimming.

hair cliper motor power

The next thing to keep in mind was the battery life of each clipper. The battery life determined how easy it would be to go on with regular hair trimmings for both commercial and home usage. The commercial usage required the hair clipper to always have optimum charging and even if it didn’t, it had to work the best way possible. The hair clippers we tested had some failures on the part as some of them would end up losing their overall efficiency the more you used them. The thing that separated them was the charge time that each hair clipper had.

We charged each hair clipper at the same time and started using them as well. Most clippers died out in the 40 minutes to 1-hour range while there were a few outliers. These outliers either had bigger batteries or an efficient motor that consumed less to produce more friction between the blades.

After having ensured the battery was of quality, we moved on to the safety accessories along with maintenance gear that was provided with each hair clipper. We also checked for any instructional manuals that would make it easy for people to read how to use the clipper in the best way possible. Most hair clippers came with instructional manuals along with a handful of guard combs and other accessories that you could use to improve your experience.

The last clipper feature we checked was the design of the blades followed by how sharp they were. We tested this with papers with varying thickness. The hair clipper managed to carve through a chart paper and in some instances, a cardboard box. This showed how careful one should be while handling hair clippers.

Here is The Top 10 Best Hair Clippers Reviews of 2020

Our team managed to comprise a list of the best hair clippers for you. They did this by giving each feature a hair clipper had with a rating out of 5 points. The top 10 that won are now displayed below:

1. Wahl Color Pro – The Best Hair Clipper 2020 (Editor’s Pick)

Wahl Color Pro 79300-400T Buy on Amazon

This hair clipper has a unique color-coded feature about it that allows the user to identify which size the attachment guards are faster. The company wanted to make sure the user knows about which guard to choose to get the best look that’s possible. The hair clipper includes a Wahl heavy-duty motor that is well known for its performance as being soundless.

The motor also delivers exceptional power that allows the blades to sweep through your hair. The self-sharpening precision blades are especially designed to ensure each trim makes you feel brand new with no margin for error anywhere. The hair clipper also has a convenient adjustable taper lever. This lever allows you to create that fade effect that is quite popular these days along with the blending effect.

The hair clipper comes with 26 additional pieces of accessories that include stuff like a clipper blade guard and neck duster along with blade oils and much more. This wide range of accessories makes the price range the hair clipper falls on to look like it is the right amount to pay. The hair clipper has many positive reviews online especially on the USP of having colorful guards.

The best thing is that the hair clipper is soft to hold and can be used for hours non-stop, especially if you are a barber.  The only drawback is that this is one of the wire-based hair clippers and it cannot be taken everywhere with you. At least not to places with no electrical sockets. 

  • Multi-color blade guards easy recognize.
  • 26 accessories packed with the hair clipper.
  • Powerful Wahl motor for good trimming.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Not portable.
  • Make a lot of noise.
  • Not really great for beards.

2. OSTER Fast Feed – Best Professional Hair Clippers for Barbers

OSTER Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510 Buy on Amazon

This hair clipper comes with a very silent motor that can used to your heart’s content. The whisper quiet motor not only is powerful but also more durable than most hair clipper motors in the market as we saw in the tests we conducted. The steel blades are adjustable two different sizes and the hair clipper can also cut through wet hair.

Often times people are afraid of using hair clippers on wet skin because they are misguided. They believe that an electrical gadget used on a wet surface equals an electrical shock. Well, clearly this gadget proves that myth wrong.

This sleek and adjustable blade hair clipper works through your skin ensuring and effortless hair trim.  The hair clipper is liked is a personal favorite of many barbers because customers do not prefer to hear the motor make noise while getting a haircut.  A haircut is like the prime time for relaxing and feel new. The noise pollution caused by the hair trimmer only becomes a nuisance.

The Fast Feed clipper keeps noise level down and productivity up. The hair clipper is designed with a convenient, adjustable blade lever to change settings easily. It is ultra-durable and built for long-lasting performance to provide years of use.

Oil your clippers before use, that will boost performance and longevity.

The Oster Fast Feed feels like a long-lasting clipper that speaks durability from its blades. it Provides its consumers with one year warranty and therefore adds further credibility to the purchase. The companies support team is also ever-ready to assist you in any problems that you face regarding the hair clippers. The price at Amazon is $60.

  • Noiseless motor with extra power.
  • Smooth blades with cutting-edge design.
  • 4 different blade guards for different variation in cutting.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • No storage case.
  • Only 4 guards that do not fit to all sizes.
  • Expensive.

3. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro – Best Clipper for Hair and Beard

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro Model 79602 Buy on Amazon

The Elite Pro feels like a long-lasting clipper that speaks durability from its blades to its tough 8-foot cord. The company has provided a really precise hair clipper that gives you one of the best trimmings in the market and the best part is you can use it as beard trimmer as well. The warranty however has had a bad impression on people as soon as they view the product. As it provides consumer protection for only 6 months, it has the shortest warranty that is out in the market. The company has heard a lot of feedback from its customers yet there is no change.

While support is available by telephone or via a form you fill out online, there’s no online chat or direct email access to get help right away, and we found hold times to be longer than average.

Its motor runs quietly and delivers substantial hair-cutting power, and its blades glide through hair without pulling. We also appreciated its taper lever.

Only half of the clippers we tested have adjustable blades, and we noticed a definite difference. Adjustable blades are important for better blending and fading. The Elite Pro also has one of the best warranties we found. The clipper’s motor is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and its blades are guaranteed for five years.

Another notable feature of the Elite Pro is its substantial 8-foot cord. This clipper is the only product in our lineup to include a cord wrap, and it’s a small but nice finishing touch. The product is priced at $50 on Amazon.

  • Known for high performance with beards.
  • Amazing precision blades.
  • Stainless steel hair clipper guards for additional strength.
  • Low noise motor
  • Steel clipper is durable but heavy.
  • Probability of wrist fatigue is high.
  • Not portable.

4. Remington HC5855 – High Performance Clipper

Remington HC5855 Virtually Indestructible Buy on Amazon

The hair clipper comes with a bagful of 15 accessories that allow you to improve your hair trimming experience. The storage provided with the hair clipper allows for you to keep your clippers organized according to the different size variations. Remington is known for its strong, length-adjustable combs that are one of a kind. This feature allows for you to have more variations with your haircuts.

The Powercut blade system eradicates the idea of pulling from the hair clipper world. The company has designed its own system of keeping the blades in their place and alignment. This increases the quality of each trim you get and also allows for much smoother haircuts. A smooth haircut might not seem like a problem now but making sure a hair clipper doesn’t irritate your skin is necessary.

The company has also designed its own motor that gives optimal motor power that is 4 times the normal motor power. This feature cuts through your hair like a knife in butter. The hair clipper comes with an 8ft. cord that is enough if by any chance the power plus is not near. A portable hair clipper would be much better but if you are thinking of saving some cash, this hair clipper is the one for you.

Finally, the strong poly-carbonate casing keeps the hair clipper safe from breaking apart in the unlikely circumstance of it falling down. Its toughness is its greatest strength by far in all hair clippers and suited for clumsy people.

  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • High impact polycarbonate casing for toughness.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Super magnet motor increases motor power.
  • Oddly shaped storage case.
  • Not enough room for adding oral hygiene products.

5. OSTER Classic 76 – High Caliber Professional Clipper

OSTER Classic 76 Clipper 76076010 Buy on Amazon

The OSTER classic’s look will remind you of an old school hair clipper. The casing design is very unique and liked by a lot of customers online. However, the look isn’t the only thing that sets the product apart. The high performance, single speed motor gives you one of the best trimmings that focus on creating equal layers of hair. The blade’s unique feature is that it can also be of industrial use.

The product contains a blade guard, some lubricating oil and clipper grease along with a brush that cleans the Classic 76. The accessories are pretty basic compared to other hair clippers. The 9-foot power cord that comes in the package is break-resistant and can stretch out to wherever you want.

The product is known for its lasting durability especially when its primarily designed for industrial use but integrated into household and lesser hair trimming duties. The product is also water resistant and can cut through both wet and dry hair. The hair clipper also has an easy grip that keeps it firm while you get a haircut. The ergonomic design keeps your wrist intact, so you can get a haircut without any strain.

OSTER is an old hair clipper manufacturer and with their 120 years of experience, they have been able to develop a hair clipper ideal for any barber out there. It costs $139 on Amazon.

  • Excellent motor performance.
  • Amazing break-resistant 9ft cord.
  • Water resistant and able to cut through wet hair.
  • Ergonomic design for optimal performance.
  • Not possible to vary the speeds.
  • Expensive.

6. Braun Hair Clipper HC – Very Precise Wireless Hair Clipper

Braun Hair Clipper HC5090 Buy on Amazon

The hair clipper is one of the cheapest wireless hair clippers on the market. Braun hair clipper gives you amazing performance with lift-lasting blades that are guaranteed by the company to not rust. Your haircut requires you to possess sharp blades that do not go blunt after using them multiple times. The ultra-sharp blades provide high performance throughout the time you use them without any complaint.

Other than the blades, the product also offers you multiple options for hair styles with one smart trimming attachment. The unique feature lets you adjust your hair lengths to eight different sizes without having to with the hassle of changing combs.

The hair clipper’s performance is best known when it is able to trim your hair to the skin. The extra short length setting gives you smooth hair trimming where you can feel your skin without the sharpness of tiny hair residues left. The most important feature however is the long-lasting battery of the portable hair clipper. The company provides a dual rechargeable battery that lasts 50 minutes with just one charge.

However, you can also attach a cord and enjoy the using the product as a wired hair clipper. The non-stop performance might be more applicable when you wish to take your time with hair trimming. The hair clipper is also fully washable and hence waterproof. You don’t have to go into the hassle of cleaning the hair clipper with a brush because that may leave behind some small hair residues in the gadget. Water however will clear away anything and everything.

  • Memory safety lock system for better checked hair styles.
  • Washable gadget.
  • One comb for nine different lengths.
  • Long lasting sharp blades.
  • Positioning of guide comb button is not user friendly.
  • Need to go through trial and error for the sizes because not accurate markings.

7. NEWEST Panasonic – Best Cordless Hair Clipper

NEWEST Panasonic Hair Clipper ER1512 Buy on Amazon

It’s a Powerful hair clipper that can be used by just about anyone to get a safe and smooth hair trimming or haircut. The Newest has increased sharpness of blades that cut through the thickest of hair without getting stuck or causing irritation. Customers often complain about hair clippers sometimes getting tangled in hair and causing pain rather than relief.

The hair clipper is cordless and can be used for a good 70 minutes before running out of power. The hair clipper is best known by professional hair designers who use the hair clipper because of its amazing precision in each cutting. It can be used with a plastic attachment comb for taller cut-lengths and this provides variations in the hair styles it can accomplish with ease. It features various cutting length ranges including 0.8mm to 2.2mm.

The rotatable power adjustment feature allows you to change the motor speeds at will and the lengths are clearly marked on the hair clipper for easy use. The X-Taper Blade pattern has the amazing capability to cut through extra on your neck and back without causing irritation. The twin blades are known for being the fastest, powerful running blades in the world with speeds of up to 10,000 rpm.

The NEWEST comes with a few good accessories that give you improved hair cutting experience. You get 6 combs which vary in lengths from 3 to 15 mm. The charging stand helps you keep the hair clipper in place while you are brushing your teeth in the bathroom. You also get cleaning oil and a brush along with an electric power cord that accepts both 110v and 220v. A good feature to have if you are traveling abroad. The price at Amazon is $159.

  • Twin-voltage cord good for travelling.
  • Fastest blade speed for smooth cutting.
  • Amazing 70-minute charging capability.
  • Rotatable adjuster for different lengths of haircuts.
  • No storage provided.
  • Expensive.

8. ELEHOT Hair Clipper – Impressive Battery Life

ELEHOT Hair Clipper Buy on Amazon

The hair clipper is one of a kind because of its design and the 5-in-1 feature it provides. The hair clipper has five different replaceable heads that can reach each and every spot that has excess hair on your body. The hair clipper is designed to be smart and accessible to areas that normal hair clippers aren’t effective in.

The hair clipper also has a battery life of 60 minutes and the one button operation keeps the things simple and sophisticated, just the way customers love it. The company has designed a very powerful motor that works at high speeds to ensure a comfortable haircut. The 360-degree nose trimmer keeps your nose hair in check and ensures they don’t stick out. It’s quite unappealing to if someone is standing near you and they see them sticking out.

The elegant and efficient charging base is a gadget out of a sci-fi movie. It helps store all the accessories that you get with the hair clipper in order to avoid taking extra space. The head of the hair clipper is stain-resistant as well as washable, so you can keep everything neat and clean. Especially because bacterial build-up can occur if the hair clipper remains unwashed for a long time.

The hair clipper also provides the adjustable guard feature that you can adjust depending on what length you want of your hair. The hair clipper can be used both by charging and by attaching a cord for use under longer periods of time.

  • 5-in-1 different clippers for variation.
  • Long time usage without recharge.
  • Auto-Grinding blades.
  • Charging base with accessory storage space.
  • Charging icon shows the time amount of charge left.
  • Charging cord not durable enough.
  • Does not provide variation in speeds.

9. Wahl Professional V9000 – Another Very High End Professional Clipper

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip 8451, V9000 Buy on Amazon

This hair clipper is for professional use only and is recommended for its long-lasting durable blades that stay sharp even after years of use. Several reviews online showed the commercial grade product to deliver a sharp performance. The company has ensured the customer that their product has zero-overlap blades with enough motor power to cut through a 2cm cardboard box. The superior quality, V9000 motor allows for 50 percent more power than any regular motors that you find in the market. This gives you the best hair trim ever.

The product comes with several accessories including eight attachment combs, oil, cleaning brush, instructions, and a red blade guard. The gadget weighs around one pounds and easy to handle since the grips are well suited for long hours of usage without strain. The company also provides its customers with an 8-foot cord that is both chemical and can withstand any pulling force you might apply on it.

The whole point of the product is to be used for commercial purposes. The V9000 electromagnetic motor operates at 120 volts, providing enough power to clear away any kind of hair that comes in front. You can use the hair clipper even when your hair is wet. The drawback to it is that the hair clipper can only work under a certain voltage and will need an adapter if you are travelling.

The convenience of the thumb levers allows you to quickly shift combs and change the length of the hair as per your requirements. The Wahl hair clipper is priced at $49 on Amazon.

  • Lightweight even though it is for commercial purposes.
  • Ergonomic design allows for ease of use.
  • 50% more motor power than other hair clippers.
  • Easy grip for comfort.
  • Cord is not enough for commercial purpose.
  • No variation in motor speeds.

10. Andis Professional (64850) – Best for Commercial Use

Andis Professional Ceramic (64850) Buy on Amazon

The hair clipper has the longest battery lasting time out of all the hair clippers mentioned in this article. The Andis is a special hair clipper that focuses on portability and at the same time does not sacrifice on motor power. The motor is 20% more faster than other hair clippers and is also lighter than them.

The lightweight is due to the hair clipper being relatively small than other hair clippers. The good thing about the company’s products are that they use standardized combs that can fit any other Andis hair clipper in the market. This flexibility can lessen your costs if you decide to buy two products but want different variations in hair length.

The detachable blades can be easily be cleaned and the ergonomic style of the hair clipper provides comfort in holding the product for longer hours of usage. The hair clipper however is not recommended for households but for commercial use only.

This does not mean the hair clipper cannot function for people who are interested in purchasing it for their homes but simply means it specializes in one of the two. It is also required that you oil the blades before each use so that the hair trimming would be neat and clean and does not cause irritation. The battery of the hair clipper is charged separately therefore causing some inconvenience because you will have to wait in between haircuts. The overall weight of the product is around 1.1 pounds and the product costs $135 on Amazon.

  • Stays sharper for more time.
  • Does not conduct heat therefore preventing irritation.
  • Powerful motor to give consistent haircuts.
  • Small and lightweight for ease of handling.
  • Expensive.
  • No storage provided for keeping accessories.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Hair Clippers in 2020

Buying Guide of Hair Clippers in 2020

As you can understand from the reviews above, there is many things to look at when it comes to finding the best hair clippers for men. Here we have discussed some of the most important aspects that is critical for clipper.

We looked at these essentials while selecting clipper for this review. If any clipper failed to meet these criteria then that clipper is out of here right of the bat.

Motor Power:

Hair clippers work on motor power. They should have the potential to cut through thick hair without any inconvenience caused to the user. This is important to the user because if the motor doesn’t work properly, it can end up causing a lot of noise. Customers like their hair clippers to be as silent as possible. They also need them to be soft to the touch, which is only possible if the motor speed is higher, so you do not feel anything upon contact.

Durable Guide Combs:

You have to see the durability of your guide combs. They are an important part of the hair clipper and any fragile guide comb will break within a month or two. You must also check if the guide comb vibrates too much because if that’s the case, the guide comb could end up damaging the hair clipper. Most guide combs are made up of plastic with a selected few that are made of metals that last quite a long period of time.

Ease of Accessories:

Guide Combs
Hair clippers come with a range of accessories that you can attach and make hair cutting easier. The company’s designs may be perfect for them but it’s the customer at the end of the day who will use the product for a long period of time. In such a case, the hair clipper should come with accessories that can easily be clipped and even easier to figure out. Going on a trip and having to figure out how to use to put on a guide comb even can be pretty annoying. Better view the design as well as the additional features before purchase.

Battery Time:

This might be the most important aspect of a hair clipper especially if you are planning to buy one without a wire. A good battery time will reduce the amount of times you need to recharge the hair clipper which can be a hassle on its own. Imagine using the gadget with your battery running out before you even get properly started. You will have to wait an extra 20 minutes now just to trim those sideburns.

Some hair clippers come with the option of fast charging. This helps you quickly get the hair clipper ready for your hair trimming session. However, if you are not planning to buy one (generally, because they are more expensive), consider finding a hair clipper with a holder that is the charging port. You will never have to worry about your trimmer not being charged ever again.

Safety of Usage:

The blades on any razor or hair clipper can be harmful. Continuous usage can build rust on the edges that can be harmful because the blades aren’t sharp enough to cut through your thick hair without causing irritation. This can be problematic as irritation is one of the causes for people to become more susceptible to cuts. Irritation is also a nuisance in the sense that it can cause the skin to be vulnerable to bacteria buildup and eventually forming pimples.

Proper Hair Clipper Storage:

You can get different types of hair clipper storage depending on the kind of hair clipper you have purchased. There are storages that have no other function than to safeguard your hair clipper and ensure it doesn’t get damaged in any way. There is the category that ends up as a charging port for your gadget which keeps you from recharging again and again. You can simply pick the battery powered hair clipper up and start using it.

Other hair clipper storage include separate compartments for each accessory you get. These storages are more expensive and can be used to keep things organized. This way you don’t have to worry about having lost an accessory because all of it will be safely tucked away in the storage boxes or bags. It’s a good feature to have when you’re traveling.

A Cleaning Brush for Maintenance:

hair clippers Cleaning Brush

Hair clippers can get really messy real quick. Good companies often provide you with cleaning accessories, so you can manually conduct maintenance on your gadget. The hair clipper needs to be cleaned once every two uses because there can be a large buildup of bacteria on the blades otherwise. Companies often provide their customers with screwdrivers to open the blades along with oils and brushes to clean them.

The oils are antiseptic, and they also protect the blades rom catching rust fast. This feature help improves your hygiene and keep you safe from any harmful bacterial infections. After all, you are using the blade on your skin and anything less than safe is inexcusable. Check this guide on how to sharpen electric hair clipper to get in-depth knowledge.

FAQs Regarding Hair Clippers

Which hair clipper is the best?

When looking for the perfect hair clipper, you need what is best for you. Some things to consider when picking out a hair clipper is the price, brand, and the quality of how well it is made. When talking about hair clippers, one brand that will always come to mind as the best is Wahl. Professional barbers and stylists have used Wahl hair clippers for over a century. If you are someone looking for a hair clipper that will be reliable as the sun setting every night, the Remington brand crafts well-built hair clippers that last a long time.

Which hair clippers do professional barbers use?

To recreate the image of the pros, you will need to use their tools as well. Barbers look for a hair clipper that is lightweight, self-sharpening, and has adjustable cutting lengths. When you walk into a barbershop, one hair clipper brand is seen more than any other on the market. This hair clipper brand is Wahl, more specifically the Professional series of hair clippers. The Wahl V9000, V8110, and the V8451 are typical hair clippers that you will see in any barbershop.

What brand is better Wahl or Remington?

When discussing these two brands, each has its features that they do better than the other. When people use a Remington brand hair clipper, they value durability and dependability over being lightweight and ergonomic like the Wahl. Remington's quality of construction is built incredibly sturdy with a Remington hair clipper even being named 'Remington Indestructible Corded Hair Clipper.' If you are someone who wants a hair clipper that is cordless, lightweight, and has easy maneuverability, the Wahl hair clipper is a better option.

Which is a better option, a trimmer or an epilator?

A trimmer is the better option if you do not mind the sight of hair on the surface of the skin. The trimmer cuts the hair down to the surface of the skin, still showing the root of the hair in the follicle. If you do not want to see the sight of hair on the surface of the skin, an epilator will pull out hairs from the follicle, leaving for a smooth finish.

How do I stop my hair clippers from pulling?

When a hair clipper is pulling the hair and not running smoothly, the blades of the hair clipper have gotten dull, increasing the friction and not cutting the hairs smoothy. To ensure your hair clipper is running at 100%, clean the hair clipper of any excess hair from the blades and inside the hair clipper, use hair clipper maintenance oil in between the blades for decreased friction, and sharpen the hair clipper blades.

How long do hair clipper blades last?

To correctly answer this question, you should be performing all the necessary maintenance that is needed to keep hair clipper blades in working condition. Some proper maintenance to get the most out of your hair clipper is oiling the blades before each cut, removing any excess hair or debris from the clipper, and ensuring the blade is aligned correctly. If you properly take care of your hair clipper's blades, they should last years before needing to be replaced.

How often should clipper blades be sharpened?

Part of properly maintaining a hair clipper is by sharpening the clipper's blades to reduce friction and pulling that can occur with a dull blade. If you use the hair clipper only for a few minutes a day, sharpening the blade every six months is sufficient enough to keep the blades in their best condition. If you are a professional barber and use the hair clippers for hours a day, your hair clipper's blades may need to be sharpened every four to six weeks.

How often should I change my hair clippers blades?

Changing the blades on a hair clipper is a rare event that only takes place a few times in the lifetime of the hair clipper. In some cases, sharpening the hair clipper no longer is creating the desired sharpness you need for a good hair cutting experience. Once you can no longer sharpen the hair clipper, it would be time to replace the hair clipper's blades.


Keeping up with the recent trends in fashion can be tiring. Especially if you’re someone who is lazy when it comes to grooming yourself. Spending money on food, travel and health seems much more important than looks because beauty is a state of mind right? However, looking great is somehow as important nowadays as feeling great.

Looking at yourself in the mirror might make you realize that there are too many patches of hair that you do not want though. This is quite common though. People often have too much hair on their face, neck and body that without the proper grooming can grow out of control. A barber could be the best solution to this however, there are certain requirements only you can fulfill regarding your trimming needs. That is where hair clippers come in as they help take care of the extra hair on your body.

They are the answer to anyone’s prayers, especially those people who prefer to stay neat and clean. Although hair growth is a sign of good health and can be more or less depending on your genetics, people prefer to groom themselves and either use hair clippers or use head shaver . They help make things easier and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

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