How to Shave Beard Without Shaving Cream – Suggestions With Pictures

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Running out of shaving cream right when you need it might seem like an absolute disaster, but it really doesn’t have to be. We’ve all experienced the annoyance of running out of some essential toiletry right when we need it, and shaving products always seem to be the most inconvenient ones. You don’t have to suffer through, it’s still possible to get a great shave using products that you have around the home.

What happens if you don’t use shaving cream?

shaving cream

Not using shaving cream doesn’t have to be a big deal if you replace it with another lubricant. Shaving without any lubricant at all is when you start to run into problems. You run a greater risk of damaging your skin when you shave without any kind of cream or another lubricant. Redness, itches, and skin irritation are all potential issues you’ll come across. The hair of your beard will be stiffer and harder to remove when you don’t soften it with shaving cream. Worst of all you run a drastically increased chance of cutting yourself with the blade of your razor in that case you can use a electric shaver to completely eliminate the risk of cutting yourself.

What can you use to shave if you don’t have shaving cream?

There are actually a lot of products that you almost certainly already have in your home that can be used to replace shaving cream. The primary purpose of shaving cream is to soften the beard hair, moisturize your face and lubricate the surface of your skin so that the razor can make its way across your face unimpeded. When you understand the role that shaving cream plays in the process of shaving it’s easier to substitute it for an alternative product.

Our top five suggestions for shaving without shaving cream

1. Baby oil

baby oil

It’s slick, moisturizes and cares for your skin. Baby oil is such a good shaving cream replacement we’re a little suspicious that it may have been made for it.

2. Aloe vera

Aloe vera

Natures own moisturizer, aloe vera. This plant is like magic for your skin and that means it’s also like magic for your face when you run out of shaving cream. Don’t be afraid to break off a leaf and use it directly from the plant.

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Another entry in the catalog of nature’s best moisturizers is the wildly versatile coconut oil. Use it to fry some shrimp, use it to shave your face, it’s literally amazing.

4. Peanut butter

Peanut butter

This one is weird, but it really does work. Peanut butter may belong in sandwiches but it’s also really smooth and naturally moisturizing. You’ll probably only consider this one if you’re all out of other options, but it is an option and there’s something kind of wonderful about that.

5. Body lotion

Body lotion

By now you probably get the drill. Body lotion is rather obviously a moisturizer and is also very slick just like all the other products we recommended. You probably have it in your bathroom and if you don’t you should probably go and buy some right now.

How to Shave Beard Without Shaving Cream Step by Step

If you don’t have any products at all then you’re not out of luck. Just follow along with our guide as we show you how to shave your beard without shaving cream, step by step.

1. Take your skin type into consideration before you begin.

If you have very sensitive skin then you’ll need to be more careful and prepare a little more thoroughly. The less sensitive your skin is the easier it is to shave your beard without shaving cream.

2. Hydrate your skin.

Make sure every area of your face and neck that you intend to shave is well moisturized and hydrated. Dry skin is more prone to cuts and ingrown hairs.

3. This isn’t a step so much as a quick tip.

If you buy an electric beard trimmer you don’t need to be anywhere near as careful with your face and skin. Electric trimmers don’t need shaving cream to work amazingly and they work even on dry skin.

4. Shave in the shower.

The humidity and warmth in the shower is the perfect recipe to soften up not only your skin but also the hair of your beard. If you’re going to shave in the shower consider using a small mirror so you don’t miss any areas and end up with odd-looking patches of hair on your face.

5. Go slow.

When you’re learning how to shave your beard without shaving cream you’ll realize pretty quickly that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Remember to shave in the direction that your hair is growing and to take extra care around the hard edges of your face.

6. Use a high-quality razor or beard trimmer.

Many people think that sharp razors are dangerous, but a blunt razor is the one that cuts you. Blunt or dull blades catch against hair and the contours of your face, when this happens you run the risk of the blade nicking your skin. Always make sure to use a high-quality sharp razor to avoid unnecessary cuts.

7. Look after your tools.

Even if you have the best razor in the world it’s no good if you don’t look after it. Blades dull over time and become blunt, if you don’t look after them or replace the blades then you run the same risk of cutting yourself that you would do using a cheap low-quality razor. Always replace your razor blades when they start to get dull.

8. The way you treat your skin after you’ve finished shaving is super important.

If you have sensitive skin you may not notice any irritation until a little while after you’ve actually finished shaving. The first thing to do is apply a moisturizer, even though you did that just before you shaved. A nice smelling aftershave doesn’t just leave you feeling good, it also helps prevent skin irritation from developing.

In conclusion, it may be frustrating when you run out of shaving cream, but learning how to shave your beard without shaving cream doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Men all around the world use these techniques every day to keep their faces looking clean and fresh.

Does shaving without shaving cream cause acne?

Shaving without using shaving cream doesn’t directly cause acne, but it can be a contributing factor. If you have sensitive skin you may be considerably more prone to developing acne when shaving without any sort of cream. Make sure you thoroughly exfoliate your face before shaving, this helps reduce the chance of acne breakouts and will leave your skin feeling fresh and pleasant after the shave. If you’re having acne problems it’s best just to use a cream and avoid inviting complications into your life at all though.

Can you shave with just water?

Yes, you can shave with just water if you really must. That doesn’t mean you should though. Shaving creams and soaps have existed for hundreds of years for a reason, and it’s not just decadence. Lather softens hair and lubricates your face allowing the razor blade to glide over your skin without causing harm. Shave with just water if you like, it might work for you, but using a lubricant of some sort will stand you in much better stead. If you really insist on using nothing but water for your shave then try to do it just after you get out of the shower, your beard hair will be softer after being in the hot water and make it easier to shave.

Why do I get Whiteheads after shaving?

Pimples and whiteheads developing after you’ve shaved your face aren’t an uncommon occurrence. First of all, check to see if the whiteheads are actually whiteheads and not just razor bumps. The number one cause of whiteheads after shaving is when you shave against the grain of your beard. Look at the direction the hair of your beard grows, the direction may change for different areas of your face and you should take note of when it does. Try to shave with razor strokes that follow the direction in which the hair is growing, going in the opposite direction can cause hairs to get trapped and become ingrown. if whiteheads persist as a problem try using a shaving balm every time after you shave your face.

Can you use shampoo to shave?

You can use shampoo as a makeshift substitute for shaving cream if you’re really in a bind. Shampoo foams up nicely and creates a lather just like if you use soap, but you know what works better and is probably already sitting on your bathroom counter? Hair conditioner. Using hair conditioner to shave your beard instead of shaving cream actually has a decent number of benefits. Hair conditioner is specifically designed to be beneficial to yot skin. It moisturizes, softens and creates a wonderfully smooth barrier that protects the delicate skin from the razor blade.

What can I use instead of shaving cream for girls?

Funnily enough, it’s not always guys on the wrong end of an empty bottle of shaving cream. In fact, it may be even more annoying for the girls as at least the men can sport a dashing five o’clock shadow should they absolutely have to. If you’re shaving your legs and you’ve run out of shaving cream then we recommend trying the baby oil, coconut oil, hair conditioner or aloe vera methods. They all ensure a perfect smooth moisturized finish.

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