How to Use a Nose Hair Trimmer – Step By Step

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Hair sticking out of your nose would be the last thing you will want people to fix their eyes on while you are talking to them.

If you have nose hair, you need to trim it. It is a part of grooming yourself and cannot be ignored.

After all, you need to look presentable if you want to be taken seriously.

Types of Nose Hair Trimmers

There are several types of trimmers available in the market. The best type is the one which suits you and which you are comfortable with.

Since trimmers have to go all the way up to your delicate nasal passageways, makes sure the trimmer you use is good quality and does not have any serious safety hazards.

There are two types of trimmers that are commonly used for clipping nasal hair: electric trimmers and manual trimmers.

The brief description below of these two kinds of trimmers will give you a general idea about them.

If you do not have a trimmer yet and are thinking of investing in one, you can know which one will suit you better by reading this review of best nose hair trimmers 2020.

It will greatly help you make a decision of which kind of trimmer will be worth your buck.

Electric Nose Hair Trimmers

Electric Nose Trimmer

Electric trimmers, as the name indicates, run on batteries. You can plug them into an electric source to charge them and once they are ready to be used, you can take them off and use them.

You can trim your hair effortlessly with these trimmers because you don’t have to manually clip your hair.

They are highly efficient at trimming, saving your valuable time and energy.

They are much more convenient to use than any other type of trimmer as you can work with them single-handedly.

Manual Nose Hair Trimmers

Manual Nose Trimmers

Manual trimmers are operated by hand. You do not need to charge them by plugging them into an electric source.

However, you need to use both your hands to operate them.

These trimmers also require you to put in extra effort to trim hair, so it can be a bit more time-consuming method as compared to using an electric trimmer.

On the bright side, they are an excellent choice for someone who is always out and about. You do not have to care about them running low on battery.

Before You Start Trimming

Just like you need to have all the ingredients for the recipe you so desperately want to try out, you need to have all the equipment you will need to trim your nose hair.

Below is a list of items you must have before you embark on your mission of trimming down those unruly hairs peeping out of your nostrils.

  • A magnifying mirror
  • A good amount of light
  • A tumble-dried towel

You can use any normal, non-magnifying mirror instead of a magnifying mirror.

It’s only that with a magnifying mirror, you will not have to look closely at the mirror and can even work from a distance.

As for light, make sure that the room or washroom you are in is well lit by either sunlight or an electric bulb.

You will need all the light you can get to see your nose hair and deal with it.

How to Work with a Nose Hair Trimmer

Now that you have your desired kind of trimmer in hand, you just need to follow these simple steps for trimming your hair.

There is not a lot of difference between the steps you need to follow for the electric and manual trimmer, but we have still discussed them separately so that the whole process is as easy to understand for you as possible.

Using an Electric Nose Trimmer – Video

Blow out your nose and wash it with lukewarm water so that any trace of dust particles and mucus is washed away.

When you use a trimmer, it will get a bit difficult to get around the inside of your nose if it is clogged up by mucus and debris.

Dry out your nose using the towel you got for this purpose. The tumble-dried towel will help you get rid of any fizz in your nose hair.

Once you clean your nose, turn on the trimmer and gently bring it close to the entrance of one of your nostrils.

Gently move it from the outside toward the inside of the nostril. Though it will not hurt you, the electric trimmer will make you feel tingly, so be prepared for it.

Do not give into the urge to twitch. Be patient and keep your calm while you work with the trimmer.

Repeat the process with your other nostril.

Using a Manual Nose Trimmer

If you have a manual trimmer, again, you will have to follow the basic steps of cleaning your nose and making it debris-free.

Next, pat the inner walls of your nostril with the tumble-dried towel you have at hand.

Once your nose is clean and dry, carefully follow the instructions for using your manual trimmer.

Take out your trimmer and place the edge of the blade near the opening of one of your nostrils.

Manual trimmers usually have a rotating blade. Just carefully put the trimmer in your nostril and start rotating it with your hands in a back and forth motion.

When working with these trimmers, always make sure you either relax your facial muscles or tighten them up.

This will make sure you do not cut your skin. Also, remember to be gentle.

Other Ways to Trim Nasal Hair

The easiest way by far to trim nose hair is by using a hair trimmer, though there are alternatives available as well. Other trimming methods include:

  • Waxing
  • Tweezing
  • Cutting with scissors

You should know that there’s a fair chance of getting bacterial infections in case of any cut inside your nostrils using these methods.

Final Thoughts

It is important for your personal grooming to have trimmed nose hair. It is also important to know that the hair lining your nasal passageways is important to keep bacteria and dust particles from entering your respiratory system. Therefore, don’t overdo the trimming.

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