How to Clean Beard Trimmer – Disinfect Your Beard Trimmer

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Your personal grooming kit needs just as much attention as your clothes and accessories. Beard trimmers need to be maintained from time to time. With each use, all the dead skin, hair and debris pile up on the trimmer, which not only affects its performance but also makes it harmful for your skin because of all the germs.

Spending just a few minutes on cleaning the beard trimmer after each use will not only increase the durability of the product but also keep you safe.

Beard trimmers are quite handy products not only because they allow you to give yourself an attractive look any time you want but also because they are easy to use. As you can save on a trip to the salon, they are also quite affordable. Since there are so many varieties available for all skin types, choosing a beard trimmer for yourself is easier than ever.

Regardless of the device you get, one thing that is the same is the maintenance of the beard trimmer. No matter how advanced the product is, the cleaning techniques are always simple.

If you are wondering how to do it, we have got you. In this article, we will tell you all about how to maintain your beard trimmers.

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Steps to Clean Your Beard Trimmer

Just like most electronic devices, electronic beard trimmers come with an instructional manual. This manual contains all the information on how to keep the product adequately maintained. If you threw out the manual thinking you wouldn’t need it, you can follow these general steps.

1. Clean with a Brush

Clean beard trimmer with a Brush

When you buy an electronic trimmer, it usually comes with a brush. The purpose of this brush is to remove all the excess hair from the blades of the trimmer. Use the brush after every use to clean the blades.

If you don’t take out the hair stuck in the blade on time, the hair will get inside the trimmer and cause problems like jamming. Hence, make sure you keep the trimmer hair-free.

When you are cleaning, leave the trimmer on for twenty minutes so that if there is any hair stuck inside, it will loosen up and you can easily clean it.

If you still see some hair in the crevices and can’t seem to take it out, you can use a cotton swab or toothpick. Then, use the brush once again and clean the crevices and blades just to be on the safe side.

2. Oil the Trimmer

Oil the Trimmer

When you buy a high-quality beard trimmer, you will always get a little bottle of oil with it. Most people do not know how essential this oil is for the trimmer. It keeps the trimmer running smoothly and keeps the blades lubricated. Beard trimmers are just like any other machine that requires lubrication so that all the small components inside it, including the blade, can work how they are supposed to.

If your trimmer does not come with its own oil, you can use any vegetable oil or olive oil. However, be sure not to use any extra oily substance like motor oil, extra virgin olive oil or Vaseline. Otherwise, it will ruin the trimmer.

After you clean the trimmer with the brush and remove all the excess hair, make sure the trimmer is off and pour oil on the blades. In this case, the less oil poured, the better and not the other way around. Hence, just pour 1 to 2 drops on the blades. If you pour too much oil, it will just ruin the mechanism of the blades.

Before you use your own oil on the trimmer, make sure to check the warranty of the product and see if using another oil will void the warranty. You should specifically keep this in mind if you have an expensive trimmer and are planning to keep it for a long time.

Can I Wash My Beard Trimmer?

The packaging of the beard trimmer you buy contains all the information about whether a trimmer is washable or not. If your beard trimmer is washable, after brushing away extra hair, put the shaver head under running water to make sure it is cleaned properly.

Put a little soap on the blade and turn the trimmer on so that the soap can penetrate into the blade. Then, wash it with cold or lukewarm water. This will easily clean off all the dead skin, hair and grease from the trimmer.

However, if your beard trimmer is not washable, use only the cleaning method outlined above.

How Often Do I Need to Clean My Beard Trimmer?

This usually depends on how often you use your beard trimmer. If your hair grows quickly and is thick, you will probably need to clean the trimmer more often than others. However, it is better anyways to clean after every use.

If you use your beard trimmer regularly, you should consider doing an extensive cleanup every year. Take apart your beard trimmer and thoroughly clean it both externally and internally. This will even help expand the life of the trimmer.

How to Store Your Beard Trimmer

When you are storing an electric trimmer, make sure you keep it in a dry and cool place. It is better if you keep a little grooming box and place all the items in it to keep them from getting damaged. Keeping everything in one place also ensures that you won’t lose anything.

Keep the trimmer in a place where your children or pets can’t reach it. This is for the safety of both the children and the trimmer. Also, keep the batteries inside the trimmer even if it has detachable batteries. Taking out batteries too often can damage their charging capacity.

If you follow the cleaning method and tips mentioned above, it is guaranteed that your beard trimmer will last a long time and provide you great performance on each use.

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