4 Crucial Steps to Maintaining Your Beard Trimmer

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Maintaining your beard trimmer involves a lot more than just washing it under the tap after every use. This is particularly true if you use an electric beard trimmer. Just like any other device, your trimmer needs proper cleaning and maintenance to maximize its performance. 


Most men think that they can get away without cleaning their electric beard trimmers rarely, if ever. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When beard trimmers are not properly cleaned and maintained, they slowly become a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria which can cause acne, skin irritations, and skin infections. They will also depreciate quickly, resulting in a poorer shave!


If you are someone who only knows how to trim a mustache with a trimmer but does not know how to properly maintain the device, read on. This article will outline four steps on how to keep your electric beard trimmer clean and in tip-top condition!

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Step 1: Rinse your trimmer (but only if it’s water-resistant!)


The easiest way to clean a beard trimmer is to rinse it with hot water. Before doing so, however, you need to check whether your electric beard trimmer is waterproof or water-resistant. Generally, cordless electric beard trimmers can be washed with water while their wired counterparts should be cleaned according to the instructions on the package. 


Not sure if your trimmer is made for wet/dry use? Check the packaging or do a quick Google search. If your device is water-resistant, you can safely wash it with hot water after every use.

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Step 2: Use a small brush to remove debris after every use


Water is an excellent start, but it won’t remove everything. You’ll need a small brush (typically included with the trimmer) to remove any lingering debris. It is designed to reach through the tight spaces between the trimmer’s teeth so you can remove the hair and dead skin that has built up for your shave. 


If your electric beard trimmer didn’t come with a cleaning brush, you can always use a toothbrush. We highly recommend using a spare toothbrush with firm bristles so you can clean all those hard to reach areas. Try to brush the blades after every use, but once a week, add a little bit of liquid soap and be a little bit more thorough. When you’re done, don’t forget to rinse once again with hot water!


Step 3: Dry your trimmer thoroughly and store it in a cool, well-ventilated spot


After you’ve thoroughly cleaned and rinsed your trimmer, you’ll have to dry and store it in a cool, well-ventilated space. Moisture is not your friend and can cause rust and bacteria build-up, wearing away at the lifespan of your trimmer. We also recommend keeping your device in its designated case to protect it from dust. Do not leave your trimmer in the bathroom. If possible, keep it in a drawer in your bedroom, far away from moisture. 


Step 4: Maintain your trimmer’s blades with oil


For best performance, your trimmer needs to be lubricated every so often. Most beard trimmers come with a tiny bottle of oil upon purchase. If yours didn’t, you can buy razor-specific oil from pharmacies or even opt for olive oil or baby oil. Proper lubrication keeps the blade of your trimmer sharp and in tip-top condition. 


Don’t oil your trimmer after each use. Once or twice a month will suffice! When oiling the blades, use a toothbrush to evenly work a drop or two of oil into your trimmer. Then, turn on the device for 20 to 30 seconds so that the lubricant makes its way into all the crevices. Afterward, wipe down the device and store it properly.




Keeping your electric beard trimmer in tip-top condition will guarantee an optimal shaving experience. Proper cleaning and routine maintenance also make sure that you’ll get to use the device for a long time. If you aren’t sure of the best way to maintain your trimmer, start with the manufacturer’s recommendations that should be included in the packaging. This guide will, of course, offer some insight as well. 


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