How to Trim Your Mustache with an Electric Shaver

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Some people like it bushy, while some want it sleek. Whether it’s a walrus mustache that speaks to your style or a pencil one that defines your personality, all mustache styles need proper care to make them look attractive. A well-tended mustache makes you look cultivated. To groom your mustache, you will have to keep it trimmed. An electric shaver is one of the most popular ways to trim it swiftly and easily.

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What You’ll Need to Trim Your Mustache

Half your job is done when you collect all the tools you will need to groom your mustache. Don’t worry, as there’s not a lot that you will need. All you need to get is an electric shaver, a fine-toothed comb, a pair of small scissors and a mirror. Keeping these items close at hand will save you from the hassle of finding them while you are halfway through cutting your mustache.

Steps you need to follow – Video instructions

1. Soften Your Hair and Dry It Out

Since the hair that grows on your upper lips is usually thick and coarse, you need to soften it first so that your blade and clippers can easily glide on it without you having to put in any extra effort. For this purpose, either wash or shampoo your facial hair. Don’t forget to condition your hair and wash thoroughly with water. This will make your mustache smooth and glossy.

Dripping wet hair tends to cut less neatly. Therefore, after you are done washing it, take a towel and pat your face to dry out your mustache. Never mow down the grass while it’s still wet!

2. Comb It Down

Comb It Down

When your mustache becomes dry, comb it. Untangle the hair and smooth it out. Combing makes it easier for you to clip the extra hair and gives you a good idea of the length of your hair.

3. Trimming the Corners

Start with trimming the corners of your stash. Trimming at an angle will give your mustache a well-groomed look. Follow the line of your lip and snip small sections of hair that hang over your lip and exceed the lip line. You can use a pair of small scissors as well to trim down these overgrown strands. However, if you are comfortable with an electric trimmer, we would recommend using it.

Trimming the Corners

The idea is to get your mustache in such a shape that it will not fall over your lips but stay nicely put above them. It is best if you start trimming from one corner of your mustache and work your way toward the middle. Then, move from the other side toward the center of your mustache. If you work like this, you will get a much more symmetrical look.

4. Trim at the Top

For an impeccable look, it is important that you shave any hair that might be lurking outside the shape of your mustache. These strands give your face a disheveled look, which you must be trying to avoid. Therefore, look for any extra hair growing around your stash and trim it.

Also, use your electric trimmer or a pair of scissors and clean out the area underneath your nose. Hair on this location does not add to your mustache in a positive way if you want a crisp and clean look. Trim the hair at an acute angle using your trimmer. However, leave this hair alone if you want a full look like a walrus style.

5. Reduce Volume

Now that you are done shaping your mustache, turn your trimmer on again and get to the task of reducing its thickness. It is important that you get a closely cropped mustache. Start by combing your hair and trimming the excess strands with clippers. Doing so will loosely trim the bulk of your mustache.

Next, use the electric shaver and gently trim away hair which protrudes out of the teeth of your comb. Usually, trimmers have a replaceable comb that you can fit on them. Try using this guiding comb for this purpose. If you are a newbie, start with the guiding comb which is designed for longer hair and gradually move toward the one for shorter hair. It will make you more confident if you start with an easier setting and reduce the chances of you accidentally taking off your entire mustache.

6. Finish Off

Finish the grooming by checking your mustache for any possible hair you might have missed out. Comb the entire mustache and see if there are any strands extending out of line with the rest of your mustache. Have a good look at your overall look. If you think it looks good, go around town to flaunt your freshly groomed mustache!

How Frequently Should You Trim Your Mustache?

You have to keep in mind that once you finish grooming your mustache, it does not mean you will not have to do it ever again. You will most certainly have to do it again to maintain the appearance you want.

The exact frequency will vary from person to person. You need to cut your hair according to how fast it grows back to the length you trimmed down. Usually, you would need to clip your mustache twice a week. If your hair takes more time to grow back, consider grooming once each week.

Alternative to Electric Shaving

There are a few other options that you can consider for trimming your mustache apart from an electric shaver. The best possible option is to go for the old-school shaving with a razor blade. Just lather a coin-sized amount of shaving cream onto your mustache and start cleaning the extra hair with a blade. This method is suitable for you if you want a tidy shave, and it gives a much cleaner result for shaving off an unruly mustache.

Happy Cleaning!

Now that you know the steps for trimming your mustache with an electric shaver, without further delay, get down to the business of shaping your stash.

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