How to Use Vacuum Cleaner Attachments – 15 Extension Explained

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When choosing a vacuum cleaner your concentration is focused on what will be the best type for your carpet or floors and that’s it. You don’t think about the fact that your vacuum is designed for more than cleaning floors and carpets. Nowadays, vacuums come with lots of standard attachments intended to assist you in cleaning all the problem areas of your home.

Such attachments can include a dusting brush, an extension wand, and an upholstery tool, just to name a few. While these accessories are included for your convenience, making use of them can sometimes be quite the challenge. But there is hope for learning how to use vacuum cleaner attachments. The following is a list of attachments that are included with most standard vacuum cleaners, their purpose, and how to use them properly.

1. Extension Wand

Extension Wand
Because of their slender build, these cylindrical metal or plastic wands are frequently called telescoping or telescopic wands. They are an essential tool for vacuuming hard to reach places like behind appliances, crevices, even the corners of high ceilings. The extension wand is attached to the end of the vacuum’s hose and then the correct tool is placed on the extension wand.

2. Crevice Tool

Crevice Tool
Being so thin enables this tool to get in there and clean cracks and crevices. It’s great for dusty corners, cleaning between sofa cushions, along baseboards, and a lot more too. Usually, crevices tools are made 12 feet long. Thus you can tackle dirt and dust wherever it is.

3. Dusting Brush

Dusting Brush
A small, round brush with a circular end lined with soft bristles. As you’re learning how to use vacuum cleaner attachments you will see that this accessory can be used on windowsills, blinds, drapes, baseboards, bookcases, and elsewhere. Essentially any surface that you need to vacuum but don’t want to scratch.

4. Upholstery Tool

Upholstery Tool
A small, flat and rectangular brush around 4 to 5 inches in length, with a removable row of short bristles, it is perfect for dislodging dust and dirt from both upholstery and leather in sofas, mattresses, and chairs so that the vacuum can then suck it up.

5. Power/Turbo Brush

Power - Turbo Brush
Some manufacturers call this vacuum accessory the power brush. Both terms “turbo” and “power” are just ways of saying that this attachment is motorized. That means that the bristles will rotate while it’s cleaning.

Normally, this tool is either rectangular or square, however, on occasion, it can also be round. It comes in handy for vacuuming upholstery, mattresses, and car interiors. But don’t make the mistake of using it on delicate surfaces. Instead, a dusting brush is needed.

6. Airflow Brush

Airflow Brush
This particular vacuum attachment has an appearance similar to a small imitation of the powerhead on your vacuum, but it has no motor to run it. Because of its size, you can fit it into narrow spaces where a bigger powerhead can’t go.

7. Mattress Attachment

Mattress Attachment
This accessory will help eliminate dust and allergens from your mattresses. Certain types will even come with special textured pads or extra wide.

8. Pet Groomers

Pet Groomers
Guess what? Now you can not only clean up your dog’s favorite hangout on your sofa, but you can vacuum your pet as well. Yes, you’ve got that right. Vacuum your pet. That’s what these accessories are made for. Of course, that’s providing that your best friend doesn’t go berserk at the roar of the vacuum.

9. Floor Brush

Floor Brush
This is a large brush with a rectangular shape around 10 to 12 inches in length and with short bristles designed for cleaning tile and hardwood floors.

10. Blind and Ceiling Fan Attachments

Blind and Ceiling Fan Attachments
Use these to reach the top of fan blades and maneuver between blinds.

11. Motorized Brush Head

Motorized Brush Head
This particular tool has also been called the “power nozzle.” It is a large attachment with a rotating brush for cleaning carpets. There are some manufacturers that will let you shut off the rotation and use it on bare floors as well.

12. Large Rotating Floor Brush Tools

Large Rotating Floor Brush Tools
If you want to get your plush carpets thoroughly clean without having to hire professional carpet cleaners this gadget will do it for you. It has a spinning brush that opens up the fibers of the carpet to permit cleaning at the very base. There is a wide variety of these attachments to choose from. For the best cleaning job on your deep pile carpet opt for a beater-bar powered by an electric motor. One of these will do a grand job on your carpet.

13. Small Rotating Floor-Brush Tools

small Rotating Floor Brush Tools
Sometimes called hand power brushes or pet-upholstery brushes, these attachments have a small 4 to 5 inch rotating brush that acts in the same manner as the large rotating floor brush tools. However, in this case, they are designed to tackle the hard to clean surfaces like upholstery and stairs.

14. Rug and Floor Combo Attachments

Rug and Floor Combo Attachments
These large tools are rectangular-shaped and usually have a retractable brush that you lower by using a switch. The concept of this multi-task accessory is faulty, however, and not highly recommended unless you really are determined to have one of these.

15. Commercial Carpet Accessory

Commercial Carpet Accessory
This is a big, rectangular brush 10 to 12 inches in length, but with smooth plastic edges and is bristleless. Its purpose is to clean hard floors.

Well, this seems to pretty much cover all of the accessories available for your vacuum cleaner. It is not unusual for people to buy vacuum cleaners and then have to learn how to use the vacuum cleaner attachments. While doing so may take time and cause considerable frustration, you will have a feeling of pride and accomplishment as you gradually move along and master each type of accessory.

The thing to remember regardless of which ones you have is that they are all designed to serve a certain special purpose. So in their own way, each of them is important. By using them and using them properly, you will see a difference in the quality and cleanliness of your home that will both amaze and delight you.

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