How To Clean Carpet with Vacuum Cleaner – Deep Clean Effortlessly

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Although some people might consider carpets an old-fashioned thing to put in their room, they still maintain a wide popularity. Carpets add elegance to the room and give it a different look from your generic tile floors.

Clean carpets not only make your room look good and tidy, but they are also very important for the health of the people in the room. Dirt and allergens in the carpets can cause respiratory problems or other allergies.

Carpets can’t be washed every other day like clothes due to their size and build, which allows them to accumulate a lot of dirt and mess. In such a case, carpets do need to be cleaned and there are several ways to do that.

Dry Vacuuming

Preparing the Room

First off, pick up anything lying on the floor like papers, toys or other objects. Small items like pins or coins might damage the machine if vacuumed in, so it is better to look closely and put them away. Look under furniture to see if there’s anything there.

If you want the room to be perfectly clean, dust off the fans, furniture, windows and blinds before vacuuming. All that dust can later be vacuumed.

Choosing the Nozzle

Vacuums cleaner for carpet come with different types and sizes of nozzles. We will list down the main nozzles and their purposes briefly below:

Crevice Tool

This tool is used for cleaning out the dust and debris that accumulate in the corners and tight spots of carpeted rooms. They can also be used to clean out the dust between sofa cushions.

Extension Wand

This item gives you a lot more reach than any other tool. It allows you to clean under furniture or areas normally not reachable by other tools.

Motorized Brush Head

This tool is also known as the ‘power nozzle.’ It is perfect for cleaning carpets thanks to the rotating brush attached to it. The rotation can be turned off as well if you want to use it to vacuum bare floors.

The Perfect Motion

The motion you vacuum the carpet in determines how effectively it will be able to pick up and clean the dust. It is advised that you first vacuum the room vertically, i.e., forward to backward. After that, vacuum the room horizontally, i.e., from the left to the right, repeating the same process.

This step is important because the carpet fibers are normally all twisted and mangled, so the mentioned motions will make sure all the dust is removed. It is also very helpful if you have a pet as pets tend to shed a lot and the horizontal and vertical vacuum motion will help catch most or all of the shed hair easily.

Regular Vacuuming

Your vacuuming routine will depend on several factors. Generally, it is recommended that you vacuum your carpet at least once every week, depending upon the number of people in your household.

Your vacuuming routine also depends on the number of pets you have. Households with no pets require vacuuming a lot less frequently than one with a pet that sheds excessively.

For instance, if you’re a couple with two cats, it is recommended that you vacuum at least three times a week. Similarly, a person living alone with a 60-pound dog should vacuum at least four times a week. Keep in mind that animals shed a lot of hair and dandruff, which technically requires a lot more vacuuming.

Wet-Dry Vacuuming

Wet-dry vacuuming is done using specific wet-dry vacuums. Their job is to extract dirt as well as liquids from different types of surfaces, including carpets. If you plan on cleaning your carpets with a cleaning solution, it can take a lot of time, but wet-dry vacuums will make this process a little easier.

Preparing the Carpet

Before you start, it is important that you remove all the furniture so that it does not catch any moisture and become damp. This is because your furniture is likely to deteriorate when exposed to moisture for too long.

After you have removed all the furniture from the room, dry vacuum it once to remove all the dust particles. If you find any stains on the carpet, apply a stain remover and let it sit for the time mentioned on the label.

Then, use a cleaning solution for carpet. Mix it with water according to the instructions mentioned on the label. You can use a watering can to pour the cleaning solution all over the carpet and spread it evenly across the room using a broom or brush.

Using the Wet-Dry Vacuum

To clean and dry out the wet carpet, you will need a specific filter, which depends on the model you are using.

When removing the cleaning solution from the carpet, make sure you go section by section. Use the appropriate floor attachment and press it hard against the carpet when vacuuming so that all the moisture gets sucked out. Drag the vacuum head slowly all over the carpet, and make sure you overlap the previously vacuumed area with the next section.

Prevent Mess on Your Carpet

It’s best if you are careful and not let your carpet get too dirty by avoiding spilling and other messes. There are certain ways to do that:

  • Keep mess-making liquids and substances away from the carpeted area, or just be careful with them.
  • If you are entering a carpeted room, make sure you take off your footwear because it can bring in a lot of dirt and leave stains.
  • Train your pets to use litterboxes to avoid any accidents. Also, ensure that litterboxes are kept on bare floors instead of carpeted ones.


It is always best to keep your carpet clean by vacuuming it on a daily basis and not letting dust settle in for good. The above precautions are also to be kept in mind because they can make sure your carpet stays clean and tidy without requiring too much effort.

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