How to Prevent Razor Bumps & Ways to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

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Most me will get razor bumps (Pseudofolliculitis barbae) at least once in their life. Here you will find out how to prevent razor bumps & ways to get rid of razor bumps. Don’t forget these things before you shave in order to prevent the headache a rash, itchiness or burning that come with a razor bump can give you.

How to prevent razor bumps?

how to prevent razor bumps
Here are some things you should and shouldn’t do in order to avoid razor bumps and even razor burns :

  • Shave in the direction your hair grows.
  • Don’t pull your skin – it will probably lead not only to razor bums but also to cuts and burns.
  • Always use soap or shaving cream – this way your skin will be lubricated.
  • Take a minute or two to look at the directions in which your hair grows – this will help you shave properly.
  • Close your skin’s pores using cold water or a cold, wet towel – through this you will protect your skin.
  • When you shave use short and light strokes – do this because your skin can present different “obstacles” for the razor.
  • Remove dead skin cells often through Exfoliation – your razor blade won’t clog this way.
  • Rinse the razor blade often while shaving in order to take off what went in between the blades.
  • Don’t use the same razor blade multiple times – after some time it gets rusty and all kind of bacteria get in.
  • Use electric shaver – they do not cut directly at skin level that’s why they cause less ingrown hair, in that case a foil shaver is better than rotary shaver.
  • Use an alcohol based solution – it will make the tips of your facial hair stand straight if you can’t give up on your rotary electric shaver.

Another thing that might make razor burns show up, even if you followed all these things, is shaving too often. Your skin might be too sensitive for shaving so often. Reduce the number of times you shave per week.

Razor burns aren’t the same thing as razor bumps. The difference between the two is that razor burns appear right after shaving while razor bumps appear when the hair starts growing back. Razor bumps are also known as ingrown hair arocding to American Osteopathic College of Dermatology.

How to prevent razor bumps on face?

You probably just shaved. A few days later, when you look in the mirror, you sew razor bumps on your face and you ask yourself what you did or didn’t do which made them appear. One of the most effective ways to prevent razor bumps on face is using a double-edged safety razor. They’re not only cheaper but also much safer.

You should always soften your face with warm water before you start shaving and use a double edged safety razor. Don’t worry because of the only blade this type of razor has. It’s actually very efficient and many men use it.

How to prevent razor bumps on head?

When shaving your head you can use priming oil. It will soften your hair and it will protect the skin. Always cut the hair as much as you can first, especially if you haven’t shaved in a long time or at all. This will make the process a lot easier because the razor blade won’t clog so much.

It’s important to use a good shaving cream, especially a shaving cream which contains Aloe Vera. When you finish shaving use something to protect and shield your skin from any kind of unpleasant surprise. A great choice would be a restoring balm. And last but not least, the most important piece of the process: a head shaver. It will be your best friend when it come to shaving your head.

How to prevent razor bumps on neck?

The neck is where most men get razor bumps. This is due the many different directions in which the hair on the neck grows. This is why it’s hard to shave in the growing direction of your hair. Take some time and analyze the directions in which your hair grows. What you can do in order to avoid razor bumps is to respect the indications above about their prevention.

How to prevent razor bumps down there?

First make sure that you apply warm water and soap that’s friendly to the bikini area. Use a bikini trimmer or men’s razor blade, one with 4 blades is recommended, and shave in the direction of your hair’s growth. You can also use men shaving cream.

These products are meant for the face’s skin that makes them gentle with the skin and perfect for the bikini area. Now use some ingrown hair solution on your skin (besides closing the pores it will also kill all the bacteria). You can apply deodorant (use something unscented). This is the place with highest skin softness of the body, that means you have to be extra careful.

How to prevent razor bumps on legs?

Don’t shave your legs as soon as you get in the shower, wait for around 15 minutes. Be careful not to take longer than that because your skin will wrinkle and the shaving process will be a lot harder. The hot water will soften the hair and will also open the follicles. This way the shaving process will be more efficient. Use razor with 4 or 5 blades. They will help your shave the knees and ankles while a single razor blade would drag the skin. And if you’re in a hurry use shaving cream or gel. They will protect your skin.

How to prevent razor bumps for black males?

Don’t shave very close to the skin and use pre shave priming oil. Don’t forget to always moisturize your skin after you shave. Black men suffer from razor bumps more than any other race in the world. This is why they have to be very careful when they shave. The reason why these males represent 80% of all cases of razor bumps in men is because of their curly hair.

Ways to get rid of Razor bumps

razor bumbs on face
There are some efficient procedures that will definitely help you when dealing with razor bumps.

1. Apply warmth – using a warm washcloth on the affected area will soften the skin. This way the hair in the razor bump will most probably get out. This will definately lead to the healing of the razor bump.

2. Glycolic acid – it’s derive from sugarcane and it has the propriety of exfoliating the skin. This is the main way through which you can free the trapped hair that caused the razor bump. This study showed Glycolic acid can actually speed the healing process of the skin.

3. Lactic acid – this is a gentle fruit acid which will help you fight against the razor bumps that showed over night. You can use masks which have as the main ingredient lactic acid and the razor bumps will go away as fast as they showed up.

4. Tea tree oil – the tea tree oil has amazing affects on the skin. When it comes to razor bumps, this oil will help you get rid of them. It doesn’t only have antibacterial and anti-fungal proprieties but it all helps will getting rid of the after shaving itchiness. It can also help you fight against acne. You can apply the tea tree oil on your face using a mask or you can opt for a gel with tea tree oil infusion. Use which one suits your better.

5. Scrubs – scrubbing the razor bumps physically or mechanically can sometimes help freeing the hair trapped in them. Scrubs can contain sugar, salt, little beads or some fruits parts. By applying it on the affected area you will remove the dead skin cells which will make it easier for the hair in the razor bump to get out. You can find all kind of scrubs online and in pharmacies. Use them with caution if your skin is inflamated or sensitive.

6. Salycilic acid – using this acid on the skin will exfoliate it. It will remove the dead skin cells, this way making the hair in the razor bump get out of the pore. When going into the oil glands of the skin it will unclog the pores and not only. This acid is a great help when dealing with inflammation. This acid can be found in various toners, cleaners and lotions. Some studies showed that it can also treat acne.

7. Tweezers – before starting this make sure your hands and the area where the razor bump is are washed really well. Make sure to also sterilize the tweezers before using them. This method works if the hair in the razor bump can bee seen. So in case the hair can’t be seen don’t do this, it might make the problem even worse.

In case you don’t want to deal with any kind of problems caused by razors you can consider waxing. This method surely is more painful but there’s a high probability that you won’t have razor bumps any time soon. Another option is permanent hair removal. This will leave you with no matters related to unwanted body hair.

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