Best Water Filter Pitcher 2020 – Tests, Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Water filters have therefore become a requirement of every household. Water filter pitchers are one of the most preferred water filter types due to their convenience and unique features.

The significance of clean and safe drinking water is not unknown for anyone. You cannot fully trust the tap water system of your homes. As the water passes through pipelines that aren’t really reliable for their cleanliness or maintenance, possibility of harmful particles and elements is always there.  .

Drinking poor quality water can present dangerous health related issues and that is why water filter pitchers are greatly recommended and are making an appearance on kitchen countertops everywhere.

They are effectively designed to include filter cartridge in the upper part of jug to purify the water if it is contaminated. Water filters are functioned to give you the safest standard of water using the most reasonable and hassle free methods.

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Brita Longlast Water Filter


Brita Longlast Water Filter

Propur Water Filter Pitcher

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Propur G 2.0 Mini Filter

How do Water Filter Pitchers Function?

Water filter pitchers work in a very simple way. They use a cartridge filter or activated carbon filter to block pollutants in your drinking water. Water first enters the pitcher filter where the various contaminants are removed. It then slowly drains from the filter chamber into the actual pitcher.

This process varies according to the different models, but it typically takes about 10 to 15 minutes for all the water to be purified. So while you are pouring yourself some water to drink, the water crosses the filters and exits the pitcher through the spout.

How We Picked

While listing down the best water filter pitchers, we had to put in a lot of effort to get to the best water filter pitchers out there.

We started off by looking into different well-known and well-reputed stores as well as online retailers. We chose and picked up prospects from the most rated companies as well as from lesser known brands.

We further had a research to find out public opinion. We talked and interviewed some of the best labs and checked out their own lab tests regarding these water filter pitchers.

We looked for the customers who have already bought these products to know their household experience. Also, we reached out many water filter pitchers manufacturers to find out professional reviews about each product.

After this extensive and fruitful research, we were able to list down many different products. After compiling a long list, we put each of them to test to find out the best pitchers.

How We Tested

Compiling the list was not just enough. It was significant for us to test them to ensure that they are really worth the list of 10 best water filter pitchers like we did with whole house water filter and faucet water filter.

We compared all the different water filter pitchers from different brands with each other. Water filter pitchers were categorized and tested on the basis of their quality of filters, price and capacity to make sure that we have chosen the right product.

Our extensive tests were carried out in confidential conditions so as the research and testing is not commercialized and there is no external influence for advertisement of any specific product.

While testing, we looked into all the particular specifications as well as the general features of each water filter pitcher. The extras were greatly considered as sometimes these extra features are some of the best ones.

Price was mainly taken into account so as to provide you with a vast range of lower to higher value water filter pitchers. However, not a single expensive water filter pitcher was mentioned if it had no specific reason.

As testing period came to an end, we had a good idea regarding what are the most important aspects to include and what features customers want to be in their water filter pitcher.

After all of this, we were able to narrow down these top 10 water filter pitchers for household or office use. Also, these work great while you are traveling and do not trust the water quality in the area. So, here are the best options we recommend when it comes to buying a water filter pitcher.

Best Water Filter Pitcher Reviews 2020

Here we have reviewed some of the best designed water filter pitchers that will suit perfectly to your needs. Furthermore, the guide will lead you on how to make use of the filters in the best way.

1. Aquagear – Best Water Filter Pitcher for Home in 2020 (Editor’s Pick)

Aquagear Water Filter Buy on Amazon

Out on a hunt for an average sized water filter jug to keep your water safe and clean? Look out for this 8 cup Aquagear pitcher. Though this jug does belong to the expensive side of filters, but first take a look at what it offers for a whopping $70.

This filter houses an elegant structure that is not too outlandish, but better known for its effectiveness and advance features. The components of the filter package are tested by the FDA for safety and are also BPA free.

In case you are concerned about the natural environment, the good news is that the material has a recycling capacity of a 100%. Not only this, you will be protecting the atmosphere from plastic related pollution by purchasing no more of those plastic water bottles.

Moreover, the filter is claimed to be made of vegan plastic.

Added to that, the replacement filter has been manufactured from the United States which means you can be contented regarding the quality standards. Labs established in the US have conducted experiments proving it’s capability to eliminate more than 89 harmful contaminants.

The filter is designed to decrease particles that include properties of lead, mercury, arsenic, copper and many others. Not only this but most of the chlorine (99.9%) is removed from the water, resulting in fresh, clean and drinkable water.

Aquagear water filter pitcher holds an outstanding capacity of filtering 150 gallons of water before wearing off and being replaced. You can now filter water, worry free for at least half of the year without the need to go out for a replacement.

  • It is manufactured in the US.
  • Its filter lasts 7 months.
  • It removes chlorine and 88 other contaminants effectively.
  • It is quite sturdy.
  • It is manufactured with a BPA free material.
  • It comes with lifetime warranty.
  • The price tag is quite higher.
  • The filter indicator is not present.

2. Brita Longlast Water Filter – Best Water Filter Pitcher for lead

Brita Longlast Water Filter Buy on Amazon

Brita can be called the most talked about filter brand and it is the sole company responsible for high demand of filter pitchers in the market since many decades. Due to this reason Brita has a clear control over the filter market, where majority of the buyers demand products manufactured by it.

The regular Brita filter does not eliminate as much harmful contaminants that a great filter does. But with this up to date version, Brita has come to work best in removing harmful substances. The best part about getting Brita is that the manufacturers now claims a 99% lead reduction, which is much better than before.

Whatever filter you select will wholly depend upon your preference. Brita’s specialized functions are more than enough to enhance the taste. NSF, a reputable water testing lab proved that the filter is capable of removing dangerous metals from the water.

One thing is for sure that Brita Long last is a very cost effective choice especially in the department of chlorine reduction as well as some normally found contaminants such as lead. It works great for those who want to purchase it on a trial and error basis in order to test the effectiveness. The low price won’t be a burden on the wallet.

However, you won’t be getting any pitcher along with the Longlast filter package. Don’t worry, the filter fits well with other standard Brita pitchers too.

This water filter pitcher has been rated 3.8 stars out of 5. Customers have expressed concerns over absence of filter indicator.

  • It effectively eliminates components creating undesirable water taste e.g. chlorine.
  • It has more efficient filtering properties than other filter pitchers in the market.
  • It filters more amount of water comparatively.
  • It is quite a cheaper option in the category.
  • It is not a sturdy product and can break easily.

3. Propur G 2.0 Mini Filter Element – Removes Fluoride

Propur Water Filter Pitcher Buy on Amazon

The Propur water filter is a gravity water filter. It is made up of two containers that are attached together. You start by pouring water into the top part with the filters attached. Gravity then pulls the water through the filters into the bottom container. A spigot is placed near the bottom for dispensing the purified water.

No plumbing hassle is required. Just simply set it on your countertop or on a table. The container and the spigot both are made from stainless steel. The filter element is granular activated carbon in a container of silver infused ceramic.

Just to let you know if you are curious, silver is used because silver inhibits the growth of bacteria. One would not be happy to see bacteria on their filter.

Propur is known for removing almost all kinds of contaminants such as volatile and semi-volatile organic contaminants, pesticides, disinfectants and inorganic non-metallic contaminants (including chlorine and fluoride), herbicides, bacteria and viruses, radiological contaminants as well as micro plastics.

Moreover, Propur is one of the most recommended filters for lead elimination. The lab data shows that it removes 100% of lead, eliminating bad taste and odour. That looks quite impressive!

As far as ’safe’ minerals go, the filter reduces calcium somewhat about 81% leaving you with delicious fresh-tasting water, however it does not remove any magnesium and only 2.5% of potassium.

This water filter pitcher has been rated 4.1 stars out of 5. Customers have wished for a faster filtration system and lower price tag.

  • It is the best choice for lead free water.
  • It is slow at filtration process.
  • It is comparatively a pricier option than others.

4. Brita Large 10 Cup – Best for Water Taste

Brita Everyday Pitcher Buy on Amazon

Brita is one of those filter pitcher brands that are loved by families. The Brita Everyday is resultantly, a must-have, especially among smaller households of 2 – 4 members.

The Brita has a basic but a dull outlook. The filter has a plastic housing, which is of course BPA free, as stated in the title. A clearly transparent container with a side handle is what you get.

The structure is of a jug shaped container with a cover on top that can be fully opened when needed. The design is simple, which makes it easy to use and handle.

It has a filter core with the capacity to produce 49 gallons of filtered water. Furthermore, the Brita Everyday is claimed to purify the water by removing intoxicants such as chlorine, cadmium, copper, mercury and some others, leaving you with fresh tasting and odourless water.

The downside is, like other filters, here you won’t be getting an indicator. So you need to take care of the replacement yourself. As it is a little hard to remember when to get a replacement, you can schedule it for every two months for your convenience.

Another option of using the WQA certified Longlast replacement filter is also there. The special thing about this replacement filter is that it’s known to be 3 times more efficient than the regular one. This filter is also the perfect size for the Brita container and you need to replace it only two times annually.

This water filter pitcher has been rated 4.1 stars out of 5. Customers have reviewed that a filter change indicator would have been a good addition.

  • It improves water quality, taste, and odour instantly.
  • The construction material is BPA free.
  • It comes in a moderate size with good capacity of 10 cups.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is very affordable.
  • There is no filter change indicator.

5. Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher – Best for Hard Water

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Buy on Amazon

Clearly Filtered Clean Water Pitcher has gotten a thorough transformation in 2018. This great change has transformed this filter from ordinary to extraordinary. As a matter of fact, Clearly Filtered used to have its filters made by another company called Seychelles. However, 2018 turned out to be the year of change.

Instead of continuing to use the filters made from an outside source, Clearly Filtered developed their own filtration technology, which they named as ‘Affinity’. It’s a proprietary blend of filter media that effectively removes over 220 unhealthy contaminants from water. The new filter element might look similar to the old one on the outside, but its whole lot better overall.

The pitcher itself has a new look and design, too. It carries two quarts, the same structure as before – but there are two significant changes to the design.

Medical Grade Tritan Plastic – All the plastic parts, including the lid and handle, are now made of the high quality BPA free plastic. Not only is it safer than before but is also very static.

Water Dam – This feature keeps the unfiltered water in the reservoir from getting into the filtered water in the bottom when you’re pouring. So no more waiting for all the water to filter through before you can use any.

Most water filter pitchers have a warranty of one to three months. But Clearly Filtered offers a lifetime replacement warranty on theirs.

Clearly Filtered does not remove viruses, just like many other pitcher style filters. It doesn’t remove healthy minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium from the water either. That is the characteristic of all charcoal based water filters, and most people think of it as a positive fact.

This water filter pitcher has been rated 4.2 stars out of 5. It could get more ratings only if the virus removal ability was added.

  • It comes with a Lifetime warranty.
  • Its improved filtration technology removes over 220 contaminants.
  • It fails to remove viruses.

6. Reshape Water Alkaline – A Superior Water Pitcher

Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher with 2 Long-Lasting Filter Buy on Amazon

Reshape alkaline water filter is known for its great aesthetics. Added to that, this water filter has an impressive function that leads to water being filtered and alkalized within the same span of time. This Reshape version houses two filter cartridges. This will give you ample time (approx. 3 months) to think about changing the filter again. The swift filtration rate of under 15 minutes is also something to be impressed about.

If you observe the filtration rate, which is capable of filtering 0.33 gallons of water in a matter of 15 minutes then Reshape is the best option to consider. So, it is a very beneficial choice for larger households where more water is needed in the least amount of time and effort.

The filter is also made from a good quality ABS plastic keeping you worry-free from all wear and tear for a long time. The truth is, there is no better option than Reshape for a clean and healthy water drinking experience which does not only offer great standards but a long standing quality assurance.

This product has been rated 3.7 stars out of 5.

  • Its water filtration system approved by reputable labs in the USA.
  • Pitcher alkalises water within moments.
  • It is quite durable and long lasting.
  • Filter change is a hassle.

7. iSpring RCC7P – Best in The Osmosis Filtration Range

iSpring RCC7P-AK Boosted Performance Buy on Amazon

iSpring Water Systems LLC is a family owned company in Alpharetta, Georgia that specializes in reverse osmosis filtration systems.

This alkaline filter takes mineral stones and calcite media to replenish mineral ions like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, which were removed during filtration. This raises the pH and changes it into alkali calcium ion water. In an easier language, it basically ionizes the water. Along with raising the pH, the minerals give a change of taste to the water that most of the people prefer.

The iSpring filters up to 99% of over 1,000 impurities such as arsenic, phthalates, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, endocrine disruptors, viruses, protozoa, and bacteria and a lot more unhealthy substances.

Of course, it also takes out dirt, rust, chlorine, iron, and other things that make the water quality poor and nasty. After running through iSpring, water is sparkling and tastes just great.

This water filter pitcher has been rated 4.5 stars out of 5. Customers have wished for more long lasting filter.

  • It is considered best in the osmosis filtration range.
  • It needs more water pressure to filter water faster.
  • Filter has a small life and needs to be changed more often.

8. MAVEA 1005722 Elemaris XL 9-Cup – It is BPA Free Water Filtration Pitcher

MAVEA 1005722 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Buy on Amazon

When opting for a MAVEA filter, you should be sure of the fact that the quality would not disappoint you. Not just the quality but the beautiful outlook and fair pricing makes it one of the best water filter pitcher choices.

The large size is suitable for big family houses, specifically those with large refrigerator. If you are the type interested in conserving the environment, this is an excellent option for you.

The German made filter is best known for its static and high standard features. The equipment and material is of a laudable quality as well as the aesthetics. The filter will give a very appeasing look to your kitchen rather than looking bulky and out of place.

The MAVEA has a capacity to preserve 40 gallons of water which is purified using the specialised MAVEA Matra technology.

In addition to that, it is super-efficient. Customers have reviewed that the filter is able to purify the water from chlorine and other such intoxicants. So, in the end you get an odourless and refreshing water drinking experience.

The filter is easy to control and the process is understandable even for the newbies. So no worries on this part either.

  • This water filter is composed of a durable exterior material which make it unbreakable and less prone to breakage.
  • The Eggplant colour looks elegant and goes perfectly with the entire dining ambiance in most homes.
  • It is BPA free, hence it is completely safe for continuous and long lasting usage.
  • The size of this water filter pitcher is not suitable for bigger families and larger homes.
  • For the existing size and storage capacity, this one is really expensive in terms of the cost.

9. BWT Premium – Best Water Filter Pitcher to Remove Chlorine

BWT Premium Water Filter Buy on Amazon

BWT premium water filter pitcher helps to remove chlorine, heavy metal and other contaminants without removing magnesium. It is certified by the NSF 42 and 53. It has the capacity of 10 to 15 cups.

There are several colours for you to choose from, including arctic white, aubergine and blue. The external design is also adequately compact, allowing you to store it inside a small refrigerator.

Unlike other water filters from pitchers, it doesn’t require you to pre-soak the filter before you use.

It comes with silver to provide extra protection against microbial elements and make sure the pitcher last for a longer time.

And finally, it helps to add magnesium to the water. So, it is the only water filter that adds essential magnesium Mg2+ to your tap water during the filtration process eliminating chlorine, copper, odours and other heavy metals. Also, it gives you the natural and fresh taste of water that everybody loves.

BWT smartly promotes their filter by calling it an environmental friendly notion than water bottles and they are not wrong. You can drink healthy water and help save the environment and money at the same time!

This water filter pitcher is a perfect choice for anyone looking for compact design, basic feature and an ability to retain the valuable magnesium

  • BWT Magnesium Technology serves great, fresh tasting water.
  • It comes with a good design and technology features.
  • Its small size calls for more refill efforts.

10. Dafi Alkaline UP Crystal Pitcher 8 Cups – Best Water Quality in 2020

Dafi Alkaline UP Crystal Glass Buy on Amazon

The Dafi Alkaline UP water filter is a worry-free and economy friendly answer to fulfilling the need of comfortably obtaining water with the greatest standard of water quality and freshness. This uniquely created Alkaline UP Cartridge is designed to boost the pH level in the water.

This filter is supported by coconut shells containing activated carbon which helps in extinguishing the unwanted chlorine particles from the water and the bad smell resulting because of it. The water thus becomes more refreshing and tastes better while drinking.

Also, it includes Alkaline ceramic bed containing calcium oxide, silica oxide, zinc oxide as well as magnesium. The high pH degree is also owed to the presence of magnesium ions in the water.

The Dafi Alkaline filter does not only increases pH level but also works to spread out the negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). As a result, negative Oxidation Reduction Potential leads to better water quality with less toxic materials to get rid of deadly diseases.

Drinking Alkalized water is extremely beneficial to your health. The water lowers the acidity level inside your digestive system and other organs leading to a better and healthier lifestyle.

The most economical decision is to go for the Dafi Alkaline UP water filter than spending so much money on expensive water bottles.

  • The Alkaline UP cartridge ensures that you attain best water quality.
  • Its Oxidation Reduction Potential feature is of great benefit.
  • Small size means more refill.
  • It comes with not that of a great quality.

Buyers Guide: How to Buy The Best Pitchers in 2020?

Water Filter Pitcher Buying advices

There are several reasons to choose a water filter pitcher. The main and obvious reason is the water coming from your tap can not be claimed to be safe completely. Even if it is, then the pipeline system is not too trustworthy as the pipes can be old and worn out.

Also, there is a great possibility that water is contaminated with bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and millions of harmful contaminants that are not good for human body. To make sure water is clean and healthy, it is important that you check out the quality of water you are drinking and the best way to do that is test it through a water filter pitcher.

A water filter pitcher lets you have chlorine-free, lead-free and plastic-free water. Opting for a water pitcher filter is an effective as well as an inexpensive solution to such a problem. Therefore, there are several significant factors you should keep in mind while buying a water filter pitcher. These are discussed below:

Filter Lifespan

An ideal water pitcher has a lifespan of about three to four months. A really top notch one lasts up to six months. However, if you do not have the time for the hassle of having to change your water filter too frequently, opt for the one that has a longer lifespan.


It is an extremely essential factor because it directly effects on how long your water pitcher is going to last. You want a pitcher made from high quality, BPA-free plastic so you don’t get more toxins seeping into your drinking water from your pitcher. This type of plastic is also lightweight and affordable.


Is the water filter pitcher for your singular needs or do you live in a family home? This will help you decide on the capacity. If you are a family of 3-4 people, a water filter pitcher with capacity of purifying 10-15 cups on daily basis will be enough.

However, if you are a bigger family, you need gallons of water on daily basis. So, keeping the capacity in mind while purchasing a water filter pitcher is a significant factor.

Cleaning Ease

You’re going to have to ensure that your pitcher stays clean at all times to avoid contaminating the water inside. Algae and bacteria can develop on the inside and potentially pollute your drinking water.

The complex designs make the cleaning process difficult. So, make sure your water pitcher has a simple, smooth design that let you clean easily.

Filtration Time

Time might not be an issue for some, however in large households waiting for a drink of filtered water can be quite annoying for everyone. So, it is important to select a water filter pitcher that has a short filtration time to avoid that kind of frustration.

As an ideal water filter pitcher has the filtration time of 10-15 minutes, go for the one that does not take more than 12-15 minutes for filtration.


Price is the most important factor and has to be decided according to your budget and requirements. A standard filter with all the basic properties may not cost you more than an advance featured, high end filtration product. So this point varies accordingly with the customers opinions.

The products we reviewed above include low to higher range water filter pitchers so you can choose the one according to your budget.

Easy Installation Methods

It is highly essential to find a filter that is not only easy to use but also quite easy to install. Some of the filters require time and efforts which one is not ready to waste. They need to employ a professional person for their installation. So, it is better to go through some options before making the ideal selection so that you get the one that is not very difficult to install and fix on your own.

Comfort of Refrigeration

For the hot summer days, cool water is the most preferred. Some filters do fit well inside the fridge due to their smart structure. Those of you who plan on keeping the water cool should opt for refrigerator appropriate filter pitcher designs.

Filter Range and Types

Water filter pitchers come in various ranges and types. Some are designed to get rid of chlorine while others function best to remove lead. Many of the water filter pitchers are specifically designed to get rid of bacteria and viruses.

Your choice of a filter should first and foremost be according to the degree of water contamination found in your supply. Mostly, water is found with high fluoride levels, which would require a filter specifically designed to reduce fluoride. Similarly unwanted components like lead, ion or zinc can also be present.

Therefore, water filter pitchers must be chosen keeping in view what they specifically provide and what they generally do.


Another significant element is the size.

If you want to take your water filter pitcher on the go with you, it should be of smallest possible size. If you want to keep your water filter pitcher in refrigerator, it needs to be of smaller size. If it is to be placed on the shelf or table, a little bigger size can work as well. So, keep in mind your placement position and the mode of use before choosing your water filter pitcher.

Filter Replacement

In a situation where you cannot keep track of the filter replacement date, then do go for a water filter pitcher that does this job for you. Some great advance featured filters also come with LED indicators, clearly mentioning when it’s time for a change. It is better to be on the safe side in this case so that you are drinking contaminated water even after investing your money.

Knowing The Level of Contaminants

Another important thing is that you should be aware of the level of harmful substances in the water you get in your area. This can simply be done by testing it with a water analysis kit at home. Sending a sample of water to a local lab is also a considerable option. Once you know the percentages of the specific contaminants, you are good to go for choosing a water filter pitcher that can reduce the contaminant level to the lowest possible level.

WQA and NSF International Certified

There are many reputable institutions out there such as WQA and NSF International that certify various water filters and water purifiers. Once you are in the market, look for the products that are certified by these reputable bodies.

In this way, you can be sure that certain claims by the companies regarding the efficiency of water filter pitchers are actually delivered.

For example, the AquaGear Water filter pitcher claims to reduce lead and is certified to do so. This means do not need a second thought before going for it if your main purpose is lead reduction.

FAQs Regarding Water Filter Pitcher

Which water filter pitcher removes the most contaminants?

It's hard to find a pitcher that removes all of the contaminants that you need, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible. This is where the Aquagear Pitcher comes into play.

It removes chlorine and 88 other contaminants effectively. This model is by far one of the best filter pitchers on the market, and when push comes to shove, it will remove more contaminants than most other filter pitchers on the market.

Do water filter pitchers really work?

This really depends on the actual use of the filter. This is due to the fact that most filter pitchers are designed to remove things like chlorine, zinc, and a handful of other contaminants. If that's all you need removed, well, then yes it absolutely does the job.

On the other hand, if your tap water is having a more serious contamination, a standard filter pitcher may not work. If this happens to be the case, you'd want to look at filter pitchers that are strong enough to remove contaminants like lead.

What is the best water filter pitcher?

The best water filter pitcher is really going to come down to your personal preference. Ask yourself what you want to filter out, and from there you can really find the pitcher that you need.

Now, with that being said, the best well-rounded pitcher would have to be the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher. This pitcher comes with an 8-cup capacity, and will filter out contaminants such as:

  • Mercury
  • Arsenic
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Fluoride

And many more

Also, this pitcher is good for 150 gallons, which means that you don't need to worry about replacing it for quite some time. So when push comes to shove, we definitely believe that the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is the best well-rounded water filter pitcher that you can buy in 2020.

Do water filter pitchers remove minerals?

It may not seem like minerals are good for your body, but you would be surprised by how important they are for a healthy life. This is one of the main concerns with filter pitchers, because some can actually filter out good minerals from your water.

While this may be the case, any filter pitcher that is ceramic or carbon activated won't remove minerals. This means that you can live without those harmful bacteria, and you don't need to sacrifice minerals in the process. So in short, some filters do, and others don't. It depends on which one you get.

Do water filter pitchers remove lead?

Nobody wants to suffer from lead poisoning, and this is due to the fact that it can be quite deadly. Now, while most filter pitchers will remove most harmful substances, lead is not always something they filter out.

Can a filter pitcher remove lead? Absolutely, and Brita just released a filter that can actually remove up to 99% of lead content within water. Now, while this may be the case, not every filter pitcher can do this type of job. For example, most other filter pitchers will only reduce a little bit of lead within the water.


Water pitchers provide you with a very basic and cost friendly solution for consuming safe and filtered water. Whether you drink water from a well or the municipal pipes, the water reaching your faucet might not be as clean as you think.

By the time your water filter has reaches its expiration date, it should be replaced. Some brands allow you to drop off your filter cartridges for recycling at their authorized dealers. Contact your manufacturer to find out more about recycling. If direct recycling isn’t available, discard expired filters according to what your local law has legalized.

The pitchers we presented will not only improve your drinking water’s taste and odour, they will also improve your overall health. Access to clean water is one of the basic human necessities, and these water filters produce a high-quality water at a cheap price.

From whatever source you acquire your water from, whether your local water supply or a nearby underwater system, you need to make sure it is safe to use and drink. And the most cost friendly as well as effortless procedure is getting yourself a water filter pitcher as soon as possible.

You are going to enjoy a consistent supply of healthy, odourless, fresh and sparkly water at your service. So before going filter shopping, do go through our detailed review and buying guide for support and guidance.

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