6 Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Home Appliance

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Buying a new appliance for your home can be pretty exciting, especially if it is something you have been looking forward to owning. Purchasing a new washing machine, for instance, will make doing the laundry more manageable, while buying a new dishwasher can make cooking much more enjoyable! But before you become too eager, there are some questions you need to ask first.


Question 1: What is your budget?

Going outside or online to look for an appliance without a specific budget in mind can be a trap. Most of the time, people who do this end up wanting the most beautiful or the most expensive product they see. While this is not exactly bad, they end up spending too much on something that has better alternatives. Setting a budget in the first place will allow you to see your overall expenses. It will also encourage you to look for more options within your price range. 


Question 2: Do you have a specific brand in mind?

If you have a preferred or trusted brand, deciding which appliance to purchase will be easier for you. It will also help you ensure that what you buy will be durable and last for a long time. If you don’t have a go-to brand for kitchen appliances, take this opportunity to explore and get to know more brands or stores. Do not forget to consider bespoke appliances or furniture providers, especially if your space has an unusual shape or layout.


Question 3: What size should you get?

If you are replacing an appliance in your home, make sure to get the right measurements for your provided space. Forgetting to consider this will only make you regret what you buy, which could be a waste of time and money. You will need to ask for a replacement or adjust your space to accommodate the new appliance. 


Question 4: What do people say about the product?

You can check the product’s performance based on the brand’s editorials and press releases, but people’s product reviews are still the best reference. These are first-hand opinions from people who have bought and used the products. While the decision will always be yours in the end, and people may have different opinions and experiences, reviews can tell you more about a brand’s credibility. Make sure to check reliable review sites online to avoid biases.


Question 5: When will I see the product myself?

Reviews can influence your decision, but seeing the product yourself can help you gauge its performance better. If you can, consider visiting the store and ask for a product demonstration. Visiting the store will also allow you to ask questions about the appliance from the product experts themselves. 


Question 6: What is the warranty and return policy?

Make sure you buy appliances that have manufacturer and retailer warranty periods. Take note of the coverage and the requirements you need to claim one. 



Appliances are not cheap, so make sure you check and review before buying. Taking your time as you think about the decision can help save you from a wrong purchase or investment. Before you buy a home appliance, ask yourself these six important questions. 


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