5 Electric Razor Mistakes to Avoid

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If you’ve ever read an appliance buying guide, you’ll likely know that the beard-donning man will require a mighty electric razor to do the job. While many people still skip out on this incredible tool, the disposable handheld variant is probably not doing the job very well. With the new year coming right around the corner, it is time to ditch traditional shaving methods and give into the electric appliance overlords. 


When you’ve chosen your prime razor, you might feel somewhat lost after years of manual labor, slaving away at the hairs on your face. Worry not, because this guide is about to cover the mistakes people make when using electric shavers. You can make adjustments over time as your technique improves, and you grow confident in holding power in your hands. Here are some of the mistakes you might make with a new set of powered clippers:


You Apply Too Much Pressure

If you’re wondering how to trim a mustache with a trimmer or even shave your beard clean-off, it pays to do so gently. Shaving your head is a delicate art, and doing so with force can make dirty cuts that will look horrible and leave you filled with regret. Remember to be gentle and start with delicate strides, slowly working your way to the base of the hairs. If you’re struggling to do a clean shave, you might want to check if your shaver is in good condition or if the battery is at full power. 


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Buying the Wrong Razor

Some shavers might be a bit picky, which is why you’ll need to read an appliance buying guide. If you’re searching about how to shave your head with an electric razor, be sure that you’re buying the correct one according to the product’s description. Head hairs are thicker and stronger than your beard and mustache hairs, so buying the right razor will help you have a hassle-free shave. 


Shaving Dry and Not Following Up

Many of us often learned shaving out of curiosity, and this isn’t precisely beneficial seeing the number of men doing a clean shave with dry skin and hairs. Wet shaving is a great way to have an incredible sensation on your skin, but make sure that your clippers are suitable for wet and dry use to avoid severe electrocution. Douse your beard in water, apply generous amounts of shaving cream, and have at it. Lastly, don’t forget to apply post-shave treatment methods, as these can prevent rashes and dry skin from an extensive clipping session. 


Not Trimming Beforehand

Shaving your head or even a lumberjack beard won’t work without a quick trim to shorten it out. Even the most powerful pair of clippers won’t cut through a thick head of hair or a bushy beard, so be sure to run scissors through the fibers a couple of times to shorten it significantly. If you’ve been wondering how to shave your head with an electric razor that’s hassle-free, this is the best option. 


Not Cleaning Your Razor

While you might clean up all over your sink and your bathroom floor, many people actually forget to clean their razors, which can cause them to break earlier than intended. Electric clippers that are more expensive usually have a cleaning and charging station that runs automatically and keeps them in good condition. However, if yours doesn’t have one of these, run the blade under running tap water provided that it is waterproof for a deeper clean. If not, running a paintbrush through the bristles to clear out dead skin and small hairs should do the trick. 



Finding the best razor using an appliance buying guide won’t do any good if you don’t have experience using it. By applying these five tips to your shaving habits, you’ll be able to keep your face and head smooth enough without any nicks and bloody mistakes. 


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