Today, we are excited to share that the Atomkeep will be joining, where we'll advance our mission to promote individual ownership of their own social profile in the workplace.
Atomkeep will cease its operation and service effective immediately. We are working on a re-launch of your social identity in the coming months. Please click to register for the re-launch and be part of our new BETA.
Note: All accounts are activated in batches, as soon as our capacity allows. Please, don't ask when, as we can't give you any timeframe on this. Thank you. —Atomkeep Team.
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*  We do not sell or rent personal information to other companies or individuals.
Register for our upcoming beta.
Type your valid e-mail address and you'll be prompted to choose a password. The registration is free.
With the goal of self-improvement, PlusRated integrates professional and personal reviews with social space.  Try it and explore yourself, FREE.
Atomkeep is here to solve the problem of information redundancy. Atomkeep will keep your accounts in sync on all social networks, job boards and other sites.

Are you a social network fan?
Are you looking for a new or better job?
Are you a professional...
We'll make sure that your profiles are up to date everywhere with one click of a button. We'll make sure that your resume is recent on all job boards that you are signed into. with contacts listed on the numerous boards? We'll make sure that your potential clients will always get your actual contacts and will find you easily.

Sounds interesting? Join us! It's FREE and takes less than a minute.
"My top pick is AtomKeep. This is a service that allows you to build a profile on a single site, and then pump it out to as many of the platforms that you have accounts with. It's really cool, clever and intuitive."
-Andrew Dubber, New Music Strategies
"Atomkeep is pretty awesome. Clean design and everything in one spot. I like it!"
-Anonymous, Internet
"I've been looking for this type of service for a very, very long time. I went changing at least 20 profiles with new information and pictures, and that's simply annoying. I love the interface and design. Register and login are prominent, things are explained well, everything is clean. I love that I can merge my profile info from other networks to build my Atomkeep profile. It makes it really easy to use the service at the start. Freaking amazing how much information (and images) it imports into the system. I am rarely impressed with new services, but a tip of my hat to you."
-Ben Parr, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer and Innovator, Tech Analyst, Aspiring World Changer
"...the concept behind Atomkeep is awesome, and something most of us have really wanted (unlike data portability) over the past. So, do give it a shot to solve your profile worries, and if your social network isn't present, just wait as they keep adding new ones regularly."
-Imran Hussain, Author, Startup Meme
"Atomkeep has a kick ass interface. Everything loads within the page, so you never have to refresh to make changes or edits. It's a fairly fast site as well, so you don't spend too much time waiting around."
-Erico Odom, Author, Freshy SEO
"If you've more than five social network accounts, the fea tures of atomkeep surely will interested you. [...] In the process of synchronization, it is mighty hard to ignore the b eauty of flexibility, users on Atomkeep will always have the choices of adding additional data that they feel is necessa ry to be added into their profiles."
-Kenny Lee, Author, TagEdge
"Your site seems like a fresh approach to social networking and just what most of us need -- I couldn't even tell you how many social networks to which I belong!"
-Anonymous, Internet Marketer
"I really like your idea to sync profiles of different social networks. Should make it much easier to keep them up to date!!"
-Anonymous, Internet
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